Teaser Suggests More Content For Awesomenauts

Ronimo’s 2D platforming take on the highly competitive MOBA genre is easily one of the most refreshing downloadable titles to have launched in 2012. However, due to the way in which it has been developed and the fact it isn’t free-to-play (like so many other MOBAs) has left fans wondering as to whether Awesomenauts will receive regular updates to its character roster.

So far Ronimo has exceeded expectations; the game’s next update -which is due to hit relatively soon- will usher in a pair of free playable characters. However, future plans for the game won’t stop there.


Whether or not the new character shown above will be a free update or sold as DLC has yet to be confirmed. Awesomenauts is available now via Xbox Live and PlayStation Network with a PC release currently in the works.

Source: PSNStores



  1. Did they ever sort out the terrible match-making on PS3? I kinda liked the game but that really put me off…

    • Not sure – I don’t recall any patches, although there could have been problems with their servers.

  2. Not sure if this character is going to appear at some point:


    I hope there aren’t going to be anymore trophies. I’m not sure I could take getting to level 45 again, it certainly dragged towards the end! :(

    • That character looks like Coco Nebulon who will be included in the free update as well as one other character.

      • Oh right , thanks. Looks like there is still multiple updates and DLC on the way then!! New maps would be nice.

  3. Don’t you mean “sighted”?

    • Perhaps it’s because the information was leaked via their website? ;)

  4. Awsome nowts for me here…

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