Massive Poll: Do You Regret Buying Move or Kinect?

Move and Kinect have been in the shops for over a year now and millions of consumers have purchased the hardware. The outlay was considerable, with Move requiring at least the purchase of a controller and a PS Eye (£45), Kinect costing considerably more (over £100).

The gaming world was braced and ready for quality motion control blockbuster titles and what did we get? Dance games, party games and Wii-style shovelware.

A few big titles, such as Mass Effect 3 and Killzone 3 have optional support but, so far, developers have failed to deliver a killer game for either system so for many people, the hardware is gathering dust.

Do you regret spending all that money on tech you barely use or are you hopeful that this year’s E3 will finally bring us some decent games aimed at the ‘hardcore’ gamer?

The poll closes at midnight Friday, get voting TSA!


  1. If it wasn’t for playing games with my 3 year old, I’d regret it. As it stands I don’t.

  2. Yeah it’s fun in bursts and I don’t think we’ve seen the end of it yet. PJ4AM and sorcery, plus whatever E3 might bring (hopefully some more Sports Champions Disc Golf courses!).

    • Disc Golf is probably the only game i couldn’t bring myself to on there. That and maybe arrows.

      • Really? Disk golf and archery are my favourites. Archery with two moves is brillo pads

      • Yeah I’m with 3shirts on this one – those are my two faves.

  3. I dont regret it at all! I’m a sucker for House Of The Dead and other on the rails shooters. Dead Space extraction is awesome too!

  4. I don’t regret buying Move, but I certainly use it less than anticipated.

  5. Move is fun when it’s get pulled out occasionally. I really hope Pixeljunk 4am is good!

  6. what a horrible thing to ask me, I only bought one a fortnight ago!

  7. Move cost me less than I sold my dust collecting Wii and it gets more use than my singstar mics and buzz controllers which cost a similar price. I don’t regret it and it’s still great when friends come round. Being someone who really dislikes online multiplayer this is a good addition. I never anticipated using it every day so it’s no surprise I don’t.

  8. Hey, you just reminded me, I have a Move controller! I’d forgotten all about it. I must dust it off and play the game they brought out for it, “Start The Party”.

    My son uses the Playstation Eye camera as a mic when he’s playing Little Big Planet. So it’s not a total waste of money.

  9. Im tied between 1 and 3. Ive played a total of two games with move since I bought it at launch. That being Sports Champions and KZ3. Not good enough to justify the money spent on it. The support is there (no a lot) but its lacking quality.

  10. I bought a move but Kinect seemed to expensive at the time.As a father of none it was a complete waste of money,but then i guess we all knew that at the time anyways.

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