Here’s That Black Ops II Trailer You Were Waiting For

Here it is then, looks a bit… horsey. Let’s not kid ourselves though, that bit’s probably there to give Kinect users something to flail around at, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it might give a nod to the Grand National but it also features quadrotors, hovering ‘planes, city-wrecking explosions, at least one missile launch, jet aircraft and, um… mechs. Yeah.


The music isn’t quite dubstep enough for my liking.

Source: YouTube



  1. Looks……. Terrible.

  2. Hmm story without a doubt looks interesting, but please tell me this is not the same engine yet again? i saw glimmers of improvement but areas that seem unchaged.

  3. Meh

  4. I’ll buy it, although, I probably would have bought it even if I’d seen nothing of it and release day was upon us as I don’t mind a mindless romp through the pixelated killing fields COD style. I’m not gonna make any further comment other than, i’ll probably enjoy it.

  5. Damn, can’t watch the trailer until I get home from work this evening. Aside from COD2, Blops was actually my favourite of the series so I’ll almost certainly pick it up. Going to try and not get caught up in the hype though and buy it after a price drop, though Tesco offering free t-shirts with pre-orders isn’t helping lol

  6. Looks surprisingly good, I was thinking I wouldn’t get it this year, but now I think I will. The new setting looks great, and I reckon it could have a good story too, I just hope it’s less confusing than the first games’s.

  7. Looks pretty good from the video, but video trailers usually do! I’ll reserve judgement until the hands-on playtest comes out.

  8. looks… The same as the last the 3 CODs. Although the near future setting does intrigue me.

  9. Black ops = Covert operations! Since when is blowing up the whole of LA and galloping on horses covert?

  10. Looks very different to previous CoD titles, very interested now.

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