Here’s That Black Ops II Trailer You Were Waiting For

Here it is then, looks a bit… horsey. Let’s not kid ourselves though, that bit’s probably there to give Kinect users something to flail around at, isn’t it?

Don’t worry, it might give a nod to the Grand National but it also features quadrotors, hovering ‘planes, city-wrecking explosions, at least one missile launch, jet aircraft and, um… mechs. Yeah.


The music isn’t quite dubstep enough for my liking.

Source: YouTube



  1. Still wouldn’t buy it though, its not really for me. However I like the setting they’ve done its a much better effort than the previous games it seems.

    I just have a feeling that history will repeat it self with each platform, hopefully they’re equal.

  2. i’m genuinely surprised by this, it looks really good.

  3. i’m guessing the guy at there start was a character from black ops. and the last piece of intel on that game was a open case file on an assassination order on the three surviving guys from black ops 1 so thats probably the plot link between the two games.

  4. There seemed to be an awful lot of vehicles in use during that trailer. Wonder if they will be implemented into MP ala Battlefield. Gotta say I wasn’t particularly impressed, but will reserve judgment until E3. Also horses, WTF?!

  5. Yawn, move along, nothing to see here.

  6. Thought that was excellent. Really strong trailer.

  7. WOOOOOOOOODS :D Awesome stuff, I may or may not have squealed…..definitely got me hooked but what we must remember is it’s a trailer. Let us see what innovations Treyarch bring.

    • Ah yes, forgot it’s Treyarch. That means it’ll be good for once.

  8. Looks rather good.

  9. Seems a bit like deus ex, especially with the music choice. I was hoping it was going to be set in the eighties with mulleted soldiers.
    At least treyarch seem to have taken a chance setting it in the future.

  10. Actually looks very interesting. Treyarch has always been top dog when it comes to CoD games IMO.

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