PSN Store Update: 03/05/12

Aside from the fact that – as far as we know – the PSN is going down this afternoon and evening, Sony Europe are continuing to push out their weekly content of new stuff. There’s some good stuff today, and it’s nice to get confirmation that Awesomenauts has made it to Europe too.

Here’s the list:


PS3 Games

Awesomenauts (trial also available)

Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
PEGI: 12
Availability: All
File Size: 683MB

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Prices: £19.99,€29.99,AU$39.95
PEGI: 16
Availability: All
File Size: 9772MB

MUD – FIM Motocross World Championship (releases Friday 5th May)

Prices: £29.99,€39.99,AU$59.95

PEGI: 16
Availability: Now available for UK

Prototype 2 (released 25th April)

Prices: £49.99,€69.99

PEGI: 18
Availability: Not available in AU, NZ
File Size: 13GB

Skullgirls (trial also available)

Prices: £11.99,€14.99,AU$23.95

PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in NZ
File Size: 1160MB

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Star Trek Bundle

Prices: £10.99,€13.99,AU$21.95
Availability: Not available in South Africa
File Size: 175MB

PS3 Demos (free)

DiRT Showdown Demo

Availability: All
File Size: 1083MB

Gran Turismo Academy (released Tuesday 1st May)

Availability: Only for AU, BE, DE, FR, IE, IT, LU, NL, PO, PT, RU, ES, CH, UK
File Size: 3021MB

PSVita Games

Frobisher Says!

Availability: Not available in BL,HN,QT
File Size: 421MB


Max Payne

Prices: £7.99,€9.99,AU$15.95
PEGI: 18
Availability: All
File Size: 4148MB


Binary Domain

  • The Multiplayer Pack
  • Dan Marshall Pack

Price (each): £1.29,€1.59,AU$2.60
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Eyepet & Friends

  • Tropical Birds Pack (£2.39, €2.99, AU$4.95)
    (Includes the following)
  • Tropical Birds Costume (£0.79, €0.99, AU$1.75)
  • Eyepet™ & Friends Tropical Birds Fill Patterns (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)
  • Tropical Birds Soft Play Blocks (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
  • Eyepet™ & Friends Tropical Birds Stickers (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)

Availability: All

LittleBigPlanet 2

Cinco De Mayo Mariachi Costume (Re-Release for 1 Week)

Price: Free
Availability: All

Motorstorm RC (Vita compatible)

  • Special Muscle Car: Atlas Aero (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Special Big Rig: Wombat Wanderer (Free for one week ONLY)
  • Veteran Rally Car : Italia Gagliano (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)

Availability: All

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

  • Classic Weapons
  • Elite Weapons
  • Power Weapons
  • Renegade Weapons

Price (each): £1.59,€1.99,AU$3.45

Raccoon City Weapon Stash Bundle (£3.99, €4.99, AU$8.45)

PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Rockband 3

  • Evanescence Pack 02 (£3.99, €2.49, AU$6.45)
  • Everybody’S Fool (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Lithium (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • What You Want (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Over The Top (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Indiscriminate Murder Is Counter-Productive (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Starlight Speedway (£0.59, €0.79, AU$1.30)
  • Do The Donkey Kong (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Tear It Up (£0.99, €1.49, AU$2.45)

PEGI: 12
Availability: AU,AT,BE,DK,FI,FR,DE,IE,IT,NL,NZ,NO,PT,ES,SE,CH,UK only.

Saint Seiya Sanctuary Battle

Wyvern Rhadamanthys

Price : £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
PEGI: 12
Availability: All

Saints Row The Third

Steelport Gangs Pack

Price : £1.99,€2.49,AU$4.25
PEGI: 18
Availability: All


  • Mt. Eddie & Classic Characters Pack (£5.49, €6.99, AU$11.45)
  • Mt. Eddie Pack
  • Classic Characters Pack

Price (each, ex.bundle): £3.99,€4.99,AU$8.45
Availability: All

Street Fighter X Tekken

  • Color Palette Add-On 3 (Free)
  • Special Color Palette 3 (Free)
  • Shared Assist Gem Pack 4 (£1.59, €1.99, AU$3.45)
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 3
  • SF Boost Gem Pack 4
  • Tekken Boost Gem Pack 3
  • Tekken Boost Gem Pack 4

Price (each, ex.Shared Assist Gem Pack): £0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75
PEGI: 18
Availability: All

Two Worlds II Velvet Game of The Year Edition

Two Worlds II: Defense Mode

Price: £1.99,€2.49,AU$4.25
PEGI: 16
Availability: Not available in DK, FI, NZ, NO, SW


Frobisher Says!

Frobisher’s Super Fun Pack

Prices: £1.59,€1.99,AU$3.45
Availability: All

Motorstorm RC (PS3 compatible)

  • Special Muscle Car: Atlas Aero (£0.21, €0.25, AU$0.45)
  • Special Big Rig: Wombat Wanderer (Free for one week ONLY)
  • Veteran Rally Car : Italia Gagliano (£0.40, €0.49, AU$0.90)

Availability: All

Ridge Racer

  • MACHINE : RC410 (£1.19, €1.49, AU$2.45)
  • Add-On Course 04 ‘Oceanfront Cruise Way’ (£1.99, €2.49, AU$4.25)

Availability: All


Frobisher Says!
Prices: £0.21,€0.25,AU$0.45
Availability: All

Escape Plan

  • Avatar Bundle 2 (£0.79,€0.99,AU$1.75)
  • Includes the following:
  • Circle Avatar
  • Bakuki (Full) Avatar
  • Lil And Laarg Avatar
  • Lil (Full) Avatar
  • Laarg (Full) Avatar

Prices (each): £0..21,€0.25,AU$0.45
Availability: All

Studio Avatars

  • Jon Burgerman Avatar Bundle 3 (£0.99,€1.19,AU$1.95)
  • Includes the following:
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 11
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 12
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 13
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 14
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 15
  • Jon Burgerman Avatar 16

Prices (each): £0..21,€0.25,AU$0.45
Availability: All


PS3 Studio Themes

  • Strange Place Dynamic Theme by Derek Riggs (£2.39/€2.99/$4.95)
  • Spectral Dawn Dynamic Theme by Studio Output (£2.39/€2.99/$4.95)

PSP Studio Themes

  • Strange Place Static Theme by Derek Riggs (£0.79/€0.99/$1.75)
  • Spectral Dawn Static Theme by Studio Output (£0.79/€0.99/$1.75)


  • Frobisher Says! Trailer
  • Fifa 12
  • Uefa Euro 2012 Announcement Trailer
  • UFC 3 International Pack Trailer (Not available in DE)
  • One Piece: Pirate Warriors – Announcement Trailer
  • Access Episode 032 (GB Only)


  1. Max Payne is £3 on iOS? Why the inflated price??

    • I guess because the iOS market is so huge they can afford to make less on each sale, but compensate by selling many more copies.

      • I personally would pay the ‘inflated price’ just for the ability to use buttons.

      • If they done the same on psn they’d be in the same situation. Making more money because more people would buy it.

        I’d like to know how much % Sony get from each sale. Wonder if that’s whats causing it. If not rockstar you should be ashamed of yourselves, charging the people that originally bought the game (gamers) more just because they’re willing to pay it, so unfair.

      • All PS2 classics are £7.99. Some may be £3.99, but not many if i recall.

        Besides, iOS has a completely different pricing model (with a lot of games being nothing more than pennies), so you can’t really compare the two platforms tbh.

        As i mentioned before, i would happily pay the £7.99 on PS than the £3.00 for a version without buttons though.

      • its free on plus isn’t it? and anyway, i’d pay the extra for up-scaled hd, a proper sized screen and button support.

  2. Grabbed the demos of Awesomenauts & Dirt Showdown from the US store last night, looking forward to trying them out

  3. Skullgirls and PS+ content will keep me busy. As well as getting Mortal Kombat tomorrow.

  4. Definitely getting Max Payne. PS+ has been brilliant recently.

    • i know what saying, i have more games than i have time to play

      • I have more games than my HDD can fit!

  5. NOt much for me, but i may get the SSX DLC. Well, when the store isn’t offline of course… :S

  6. The amount of Motorstorm RC DLC is getting somewhat ridiculous now.

    • True. We need more Vita stuff. Feeling quite neglected every time these updates are done

  7. Where’s The Walking Dead part 2!? :(

    • I thought they were being released monthly, not weekly.

    • Monthly, sadly.
      Considering it only takes an hour or so to clock it, they should release it quicker.

  8. Wow, good price for [Prototype2] !

  9. well the plus stuff is nice.
    and it figures, the sce title legend of dragoon won’t see an eu release.
    i can’t wait to hear what pitiful excuse they come up with this time.
    assuming they don’t just ignore every single question on the subject.

  10. Will grab the demos for Dirt, Awesomenaughts and Skullgirls, along with GT Academy.
    Prototype 2 is again way too expensive, who would buy it?!

    • People in countries that can only get games for RRP & want Prototype on the hard drive would be my guess.

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