Evolution Hiring For Next MotorStorm Game?

Thankfully, it looks like the devastating earthquake that affected the launch MotorStorm Apocalypse (and no doubt sales figures) hasn’t stopped Evolution from planning ahead for their next game which, if two recent job postings are indicative, looks like another MotorStorm game.

Picked up by PSLS, over on the PlayStation Jobs site the Runcorn-based studio is looking for an Applied Physics programmer and a Graphics Technology programmer, both of which require C++.


Between them the job specs mention vehicle dynamics, rigid body physics, soft body physics, constrains, destruction, character ragdolls, character inverse kinematics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics and cloth simulation, all of which tie in nicely with previous MotorStorm games but suggest that the next game is pushing ahead in terms of technology.

Next-gen then?  Perhaps.

Sony are yet to announce a new MotorStorm game after the previous Vita and PS3 game – MotorStorm: RC – met critical acclaim.



  1. *crosses fingers* Please be like the first game, please be like the first game, please be like the first game

    • Personally, i would much rather it was like apocalypse – Much easier to get into & i found it a joy to play (but it helped that I absolutely loved driving through a crumbling track etc).

      But i happen know that many a fan will be wishing the same thing as you, so i guess it will depend on whether fanbase majority rules, or just where they personally want to take the franchise.

      • Apocalypse was fun and had some cool ideas but I loved the more realistic feel of the first game, particularly in terms of level design. All it needed was a split screen mode and I doubt I would have bought any of the sequels

      • I’m with LTG. I too enjoyed Apocalypse but preferred the first two games.

      • Any reason they can’t do both? Just because they can drop a building on your head, doesn’t mean they have to do it every map. Update the engine and publish a selection of maps to suit both game styles. And for my next miracle…..

      • I think if they were gonna go that route they would have to develop 2 games; One for supporters of Apocalypse & one for supporters of early Motorstorm.

        If it was a mishmash of both, i would more than likely enjoy one race & perhaps not the next & very probably vice versa for others.

      • I reckon Zephyre is onto something actually :) Having a game with two seperate campaigns – one like the original MS and other more Apocalypse-esqe – would be cool and would please everyone to at least some degree.

      • You can’t please everyone all of the time! :P

  2. Surely has to be next gen

  3. Loved Motorstorm, really really loved it but didn’t like Pacific Rift & Apocalypse just didn’t work for me, and I felt robbed by the uncontrollable nightmare that was RC…

    Not sure there’s anything left in the franchise for me. In the meantime though, there’s Dirt Showdown which from a play of the demo out-Motorstorms Motorstorm, for me.

    • I love Motorstorm RC! Everything about it! Personally I’d love them to develop more along those lines. I can’t play normal racing games from a normal perspective. How I passed my driving test is anyones guess…

  4. Wouldn’t mind seeing a ‘Motorstorm on Water’.

  5. I really liked Apocalypse. Its a shame it didn’t sell better. I think a remake of the first one would be fantastic.

  6. LOVE the ‘MotorStorm’ games but i really want the next one(hopefully on PS4) to have that ‘in car view’ like that very 1st video of ‘MotorStorm’ they showed(before the ‘PS3’ came out) That view would be AMAZING:P

  7. a proper Motorstorm game with full online play would be great.

    the thing is though, what environments are there left to race on?

    they’re probably going to go right off the wall and have it on the moon or something?

    • they’ll struggle to find something new and fresh so I bet it’ll be a mish mash of enviroments. If they can’t innovate, they can give us variety.

  8. “a proper Motorstorm game with full online play would be great”

    I thought all Motorstorms had this (with the exception of RC anyway)?

  9. Hope its a return to its roots, aka pacific rift and monument valley. Needs to be gritty again and have an environmental setting in my opinion.

  10. I’d welcome a return to the Monument Valley/Pacific Rift feel of the games. Apocalypse was nice but too generic to make it my favorite. Even Artic Edge was better.

    • I personally feel apocalypse was better/more fun for meets though. Even to this day, i kinda wish our dirt meets had more ‘splosions. :)

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