Jaffe Thinks A Thing Jaffe Is Associated With Will Be Awesome

David Jaffe is not involved with the making of God of War Ascension. He’s recently parted company with Eat Sleep Play, the studio he founded, to concentrate on smaller projects. But as the designer of the original game (and the sequel), he will be forever linked with the God of War series and he will be perpetually probed on the big questions surrounding it.

Of course, with the recent reveal of God of War Ascension, that means multiplayer. Many people have voiced their concerns that another huge single player game is needlessly being saddled with a multiplayer mode. They’re worried that development time dedicated to trying to give a game a “long tail” and stop people trading it in will mean less time allowed to make the familiar God of War experience the best that it can be.


Jaffe, predictably, doesn’t agree.

If it turns out to be the case that the single player is watered down because of it, then I think [the people complaining] have some justification. But I don’t see any evidence of that, and I don’t see evidence of that based on the team [Sony Santa Monica] are.

He made the statement when collared by IGN to comment and it’s important to stress that he hasn’t actually seen much of the game yet. What he says is a valid point though: why assume that Sony Santa Monica is going to “shoehorn” something into the game that doesn’t fit? Maybe the multiplayer will really add something to the experience? Shouldn’t we be giving them the benefit of the doubt, at least until we have a chance to play the game for ourselves?

Source: IGN



  1. I’m sure it will be good but will it be varied? God of War games are incredibly samey and repetitive so if the devs insist on doing yet another game it needs to deliver something new.

    • love how GOW games play out.

      • Oh sure they’re fun but they are all practically identical. Getting a bit boring now.

  2. Not sure Jaffe had much to do with the sequel. It was directed by Cory Barlog and Jaffe was off doing other things as far as I remember.

    • I think Barlog directed it but Jaffe was credited as a designer. You could be right though, Jaffe was working on Calling All Cars! at around that time, wasn’t he?

      • Just checked the God of War II wikipedia page and Jaffe doesn’t get a mention at all.

        I’m sure he’s in the credits at least as “Character creator”

      • I think he was an executive producer or something. Cory made the best one. Watching some of the behind the scenes, he seems like a natural director too.

  3. No expletives? sadface

  4. of course it will be great, he’s not making it : )

  5. I have faith in Santa Monica I mean look at starhawk that looks incredible even the online.. If they mess up we can always do what mass effect fans did request a new story line

    • and vote Santa Monica as the worst company in the world : )

      • Lol yes cause us fans can make it happen we can make you the worst company in the world ;)

  6. Mark my words, as soon as the single player gets it’s gameplay footage reveal, all the people complaining about something they are yet to play will be quieter….

  7. I’m sure everyone had similar concerns about Uncharted 2 when the multiplayer was announced, and look how that turned out!

    • There are two sides to that coin, I’m still not convinced Dead Space 2 needed multiplayer. Also, the AC multiplayer is a bit nob imho.

      • Agreed. If we can learn anything by these two examples it’s to sit and wait. There’s been good and not so good. *opens newspaper and waits for world to catch up*

  8. I don’t get it, they can complain however they want but the likes of Uncharted have been brilliant, watered down single player? I doubt the same will happen with Gow.

  9. They probably haven’t put people’s minds at ease by revealing the mp first but i’ll remain hopeful that the sp will live up to the previous games.

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