Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD Out Next Month

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD is one of those games that’ll keep me busy for months. I know this because each game in the series (until they lost their way a little, anyway) had me glued to the console for ages, perfecting lines and playing HORSE.

And, thankfully, there’s not long to wait.


Although Activision are still sticking to ‘Summer’, Tony Hawk himself has spilled the beans about when the game will be out.

“HUGE thanks to robojoshy for the donation & for keeping the THPS dream alive with @TonyHawksPSHD (out in June… yeah I said it),” was his Tweet yesterday, pretty much locking down the game for a release at some point next month.

You can see some screens of the game here, and read some great news about the utterly brilliant original music soundtrack here.



  1. Great news, really looking forward to this, hopefully releases after my exams are finished

  2. Can’t wait for this, i loved the original so much :)

    • Do we know if it has multiplayer? Would love to play HORSE with mates online.

  3. Cool, hope its released early in June and not after the 12th or something.. want it sooo bad.

  4. Want but I still this k THPS2 is the greatest sports game ever!

    • Agreed. Well, 2X. 2X had better graphics and a few secrets. Bought a US Xbox just to play it.

    • +1
      THPS 2 was the best in the series, and I still have it and play it on the PC.

      • agreed still play it on my ps one
        My bro and me did every gap in the game to unlock skate heaven!
        Those were the days lol

  5. Great, apart from the fact they completely messed up the physics and it will play nothing like the original but great…

    • What makes you say that?

      • I think (read: hope) that was just to allow the footage to show more tricks rather than reflecting what the actual gameplay will be, if that makes sense.

      • Yeah I think Paddy is right, theres a real difference in the camer perspective between TH2 and 3, from the few gameplay clips out there this looks more like 2. Fingers crossed for a demo so we can find out before we shell out.

  6. tHPS2 nearly cost me my relationship with my now wife.
    Can’t wait for this!

  7. Will this have custom soundtrack option?
    I’ve never been a fan of sk8er rawk.

  8. Would have loved this to be available on Vita too. Either way, very exciting!

    • Can you imagine it breathing new life into a creaky old PSP? Oooh, chances are slim, but I can still dream :)

      • I’d have just been happy for them to release THPS2 on PSN. No idea why they haven’t, it’d have sold like crazy.

  9. Awesome news. Really looking forward to this.

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