European Starhawk Comes With A Little Surprise

Sony have announced that the European version of Starhawk, which releases today in Europe and Friday in the UK, will also feature the original Warhawk on PSN, which might well explain what SCEE meant yesterday.

If you like.


“We have been busy emulating the PSOne version of Warhawk,” said Sony’s Richard Yap, “and we’ve just made it in time for Starhawk’s launch.”

The original game was released in 1995 and to get it simply enter your Online Network pass for Starhawk as normal, and the original video-heavy game will appear in your PSN download list.

It’s a bit dated, but it’s a neat little idea.



  1. Bought a brand new & sealed physical copy of this about a year or so ago, it’s still sealed so it will be nice to grab this, although from the YouTube vids I’ve seen Warhawk PS1 is not even anything remotely like Warhawk PS3, nice bonus all the same.

  2. I always loved the original, at the time it was the closest thing to a Macross-style shooter, with missle trails all over the place….hated the ending though, I seem to remember it was impossible to win the final battle?

  3. nice one Sony.


  5. I’m liking the trend to include free stuff with online passes.

  6. Yeah, very nice of them. Sony did confirm that you can’t play it on Vita, though, for anyone wondering.

    • I think they’ve missed a trick there by not making PS1 Warhawk a Vita game, surely it wouldn’t of been that hard to port it over to Vita if they were going to all that trouble.

      • Let’s not just limit their trick miss (it’ll catch on) to Warhawk PSOne; How about the fact that no PSOne games work? I’m personally not too bothered by it but it is a bit odd that it isn’t possible atm.

      • PSone games are emulated, not ‘ported. As soon as PSone compatability arrives one Vita (Which is CONFIRMED to be coming, we just don’t know when…) warhawk will be playable.

  7. I like Sony.

    • I like turtles

      I’ll get my coat

  8. Didn’t realise it was out so soon. Tempted to pick this up tomorrow. As my 250gb is now less than 100, i’m relieved it’s not digital only. (updates & installs is where the memory goes:(

    • OMG, you are down to your last 100GB???? :O

      I wouldn’t worry too much – I am constantly around the 3-10GB mark!

  9. i don’t buy games with online passes, not new anyway, so i doubt i’ll be getting this little bonus.
    unless scee screw up and put it on the store for free, and they are prone to screwing up.

    but i have it on disc anyway.

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