Starhawk Confirmed For PSN Release This Week

Sony have confirmed to TheSixthAxis that Starhawk (review here) will be available via PSN this week, in addition to the usual disk release.


The game will be downloadable tomorrow in Europe, and on Friday for the UK. Check the EU PlayStation Blog tomorrow for final pricing.

Starhawk needs firmware 4.11 and has a day one patch.

Update: Dylan Jobe has said that the game is not coming to PSN. “I hate to break it to you,” he commented on Twitter, “but we have no current plans for a PSN release.”

“We are looking into it though,” he added. We’ve pinged another email to SCEE.

Update 2: Please see this follow-up story.



  1. At the bargain price of £60.

    • Brilliant :)

      It’ll be interesting to see what Sony price this at. My bet’s on £39.99.

      • My money is on £44.99

      • Even if its at £50 its probably worth it really, considering they are giving away free map packs. Never really thought of doing it before, but might be worth it for some. Personally I prefer something physical.

      • What ever the price it will be dearer than the US.

      • Yeah but if two people share its only £25 each, may not be that ethical but then neither is charging so much more for download over retail. Mass effect 2 and 3 were both purchased by me this way and I’m more than happy with £25 for a new game.

      • I’m sticking with £39.99 and i don’t really like sharing, Tony :D

      • Why don’t you like sharing jakster?

      • i have to say, what did sony expect when they called it game “SHARING”

        shared, shar·ing, shares
        1. To divide and parcel out in shares; apportion.
        2. To participate in, use, enjoy, or experience jointly or in turns.

        if they didn’t want people sharing, why call it game sharing?

      • I guess i’m a pretty greedy person, Tony. ;) Tbh, it’s more down to me wanting to make sure that we both got the same amount of time on a game that we had shared the price of and ultimately it wouldn’t really work for me.

      • Jakster, you appear to misunderstand the concept of game sharing, you both get a copy!

        Hazel, I don’t think it was Sony that called it game sharing, we’re merely utilising a loophole, Sony do not approve of it, but I don’t approve of their download prices so I’ll continue to do it while they continue to do that.

      • Actually tonycawley, I think jakster might be right in this instance.
        Some games have a limit where if you sign in on one PS3, you have to wait 24 hrs or something before you can sign in again on a different console, and Warhawk was one of them.
        So yeah, game sharing might not be the best solution in that case.

  2. This month is filled with too many games. I can’t afford them, it’s killing me. Damn May.

    • Lightweight! August is WAY worse than May. We’re talking Bioshock, AC3, um…something else. I only really care about Bioshock this year, since I’m still playing inFamous 2…

      • Two sequels that I’ve waited two decades for release this month and I can’t afford either of them so I consider this month worse – Diablo 3 and Max Payne 3. There are also at least four other full priced games and two downloadables that I want but can’t get.

        August is certainly bad, but when up against two different games that I’ve waited for so long for nothing can possibly compete.

      • I’m fairly certain you are both mistaking August for October/November..

  3. Will deffo get it on PSN, don’t really care if it’s extra to what I can get for in a shop, it’ll be worth it for several years of not needing to keep getting up and changing discs.

    • If PES2013 is available digitally I’ll not need to get off my sofa for probably a whole year.

      • Who fetches your food? :)

      • Really? you would pay another £10 for it just for that ? lol

      • i’m picturing that scene from that south park episode where they play WOW for months.

        it’s not pretty. :(

      • I’m the same. Rather buy BF3 on PSN, save money on slippers. Plus it stops toddlers ejecting the disc mid game.

      • @uncharted86
        Why do you think I’m married?

        £10? Or getting up hundreds & hundreds of times to switch between whatever I’m playing to Starhawk?

        I’d pay considerably more… I’d think it odd to do it any other way with something I’d use so much.

    • I loved being able to quickly jump into matches in the morning during the beta. So if it’s not far too expensive I’ll seriously consider getting it digitally.

  4. They need to do what they did with Warhawk which was £19.99 on the store and £29.99 for the retail disc….although this kind of pricing will not happen! :(

    • Nope, Warhawk was multiplayer only.

      • I know, a legendary multiplayer at that to….nothing really touched my PS3 for about a year after it’s release! Still love the odd game or too now!

  5. Awesome news. PS+ discount would be good.

  6. I would like to buy digitally but I’ll bet it’s way to expensive :(

  7. I’m sure there’s a legal reason, but WTF is it available Wed in Europe and Friday here? I assumed SCEE had a continent-wide mechanism.

    • That’s actually the case for a lot of releases. Good to live in mainland Europe, eh? :P

  8. I look forward to not paying £49.99 for a £30 game

  9. But

    ” I hate to break it to you but we have no current plans for a PSN release. We are looking into it though” – Dylan Jobe!/DylanJobe/status/199907826779430912

    Someone doesn’t know what’s happening.

  10. Damn well that’s 2 of my E3 Bingo’s gone! And to make it worse i can’t afford the game. nooooooooooooooooooo!

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