ShopTo Lists Gravity Rush Pre-order Bonus

I bet it's going to pong

ShopTo has listed a pre-order bonus for PS Vita game Gravity Rush.


The ‘Military Costume Pack DLC’ includes a Military costume (obviously), two side missions (including new story content) and two challenge missions.

Judging by the picture above it looks like you can destroy enemies by farting pink fairy dust at them.  Maybe that’s a pre-odour bonus.

Take that, vile beast of darkness! *parp*

Source: ShopTo



  1. Decent pre-order bonus. These were talked about on the PS blogs a while back, but good to see it actually show up!

    Oh, BTW. You WILL get this stuff if you buy the game from PSN within a short window after release.

    • That’s great but with an RRP for £39.99 so probable PSN price of £34.99, it may be worth buying online for a extra fiver off.
      I’m sure other places will offer the DLC too, like Amazon who currently offer Gravity Rush for £29.99

      • Buy PSN store cards when they’re on offer and you make the difference back easily.

      • And don’t forget once finished you can fleabay it or trade it unlike digi copies which once bought are immediately £0 value.

  2. AWESOME! Contacted them a couple of weeks ago, and they said they had no info to share. Good to see they have it, as they’re awesome, and no where else seems to have it.

    • Agreed. are the best company around for ordering games. Decent prices and you usually get your purchase a couple of days early :)

      • Couldn’t agree more. They are not the cheapest, but their service is unmatched! Takes a lot for me not to order a game from them.

  3. Weren’t there three DLC packs? :S Shame they aren’t offering all three.

  4. Pre-odour bonus, good one TC! :D

  5. Pre-ordered from Amazon a week or two back, you get this from them too :)

    • Wait, what? I just cancelled my Amazon order for this…guess I better go change that…

  6. Discount-off-rrp-fans: pre ordered mine off Asda direct for 25 sheets. No idea about any pre order bonuses but I’ll be happy with the basic game for that price. Just checked and still at £25.

  7. Too bad I’ll be in the US when this comes out so pre-ordering it wouldn’t make sense if I wanted to play the game while on vacation, which is what I intend to do.

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