Sly: Thieves in Time Also Coming to Vita

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time is going to be released for the Vita as well as the PlayStation 3. The stealth platformer will come out simultaneously on both platforms and will feature cloud save support on both platforms. Your PS3 save will download via the cloud and let you continue progress on the Vita. Save that progress and it will be available to download back on your PS3 to resume when you get home.

As if that nifty little feature wasn’t enough, the Vita version will feature the same graphics and gameplay as its home console variant. The only difference between the two versions seems to be that the developer is making use of the Vita’s touch surfaces in some way for the portable version. Carmelita Fox has also been announced as a playable character by Glen Egan, President of Sanzaru Games.


Here’s the trailer for the Vita version:

Source: US PlayStation Blog



  1. After my initial concern that Sanzaru would mess this up, I see now that they seem to know their stuff. Awesome that it’s gonna be cross-platform with PS3!

    • Definitely. This game looks great!

  2. Oooooh nice. Keep the games coming :)

  3. Can’t see the point of cross-platform saves unless they bundle both versions. Who’s going to buy Vita and PS3 versions?

    • They’ll do like they did with the new MLB game and give you £15 or something off the Vita version if you buy on PS3, or vice versa.

    • Me, id love some games I can play on PS3 and the carry on playing on the journey to work.

      • I was just about to type “people who have lots of money and spend time on public transport”. That’s you, that is.

      • Haha – That just made me think of ‘History Today’ on Newman and Baddiel in Pieces. :D

      • YES!

      • I think it’s a great idea personally, although buying 2 copies is a little tight. I’d rather they took a leaf out of Portal 2’s book & bundle a free digital copy for the Vita.

        A few more games with this functionality may make me to decide to invest.

        Oh & another reason being if you’re in the middle of a serious session & are rudely moved on from your gaming throne. I’d quite happily take a wander elsewhere if I could continue the action!

  4. Thats cool but i’d only buy both if there was a massive discount.
    Still, can’t wait though!

  5. Sounds like the Vita version is better due to more control options then.
    Well, I know which one to buy in that case…

  6. This is great, I’ve been thinking that a Sly game on the Vita would be cool. So I think that’s the version I’ll be going with.

  7. Another Vita game with transferable saves, great news. I’d like to see a download discount for the Vita version if you buy the PS3 copy, I’m sure this would encourage more people to buy both.

  8. Hopefully there’s some sort of discount for both. Obviously it’d be nice for a buy once, get both deal but that won’t happen.

  9. Could I’m more inclined to pick this up for my Vita than my PS3.

  10. Still a little concerned this isn’t being handled by the proper Sly dev team who put together the original trilogy. Hopefully these new guys prove me wrong

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