Diablo 3 Sold 3.5 Million Copies on Launch Day

Blizzard have said that Diablo 3 sold 3.5 million copies on launch day.

That doesn’t include the 1.2 million that got the game from the Annual Pass for World of Warcraft (which included the game), so there were around 4.7 million people trying to access those poor servers on launch day.


Through the following week, that number grew to 6.3 million. Apparently, this makes it the fastest-selling PC game ever, which is quite an achievement.

Our review will be up soon.

Source: press release.



  1. well done Blizzard, shame its apparently full of bugs

    • What? No, it’s full of server issues.

      • ok sorry, thats what I meant, not bugs, just sugs…

    • Nope, as polished as they come, and rightly so after more than 10 years.
      Server issues as with any other major release this generation, but with over 4million people logging on for day one – it’s hardly a shock (but damn annoying for sure)

    • As the other guys have said, certainly not buggy. Least buggy game I have ever played in fact! :)

    • It’s refreshing how un-buggy this game really is.

      There are some balance issues, ie people using skills that Blizz miscalculated the effectiveness of, but that’s about it.

      • It’s to be expected from Blizzard. The time they take in fine tuning there games means any bugs are ironed out years ago.

        Now get Starcraft 2 : heart of the Swarm and Mists of Pandaria out this year and add Black ops 2 with that and Activision will be sitting at the top for a while still.

  2. The game is great and fully deserved of the sales. My brother and I completed it last night at 3am the final boss is the most nervous I have ever been playing a game. Now for nightmare difficulty! Who said PC gaming was dead?

  3. Well deserved too! Almost completed Nightmare and still looking forward to the 3rd (Hell) and 4th (Inferno) play throughs :-)

    An age old formula that makes the gameplay really addictive, with the addition of the auction house is a beast of a game.

    PS – add me: FRUITofDOOM#2152

  4. A pitty that the actual game is not as good as D1 and D2 :(. Still a good game but not as fantastic as the other 2.

    • Yeah, it’s a very good game but I was expecting more after such a long time.

  5. i’d still rather buy a game i can play if my internet goes down.

    • Yes that is a serious point of contention. For example; right now everyone’s just been booted from the game for some unknown reason.

    • if they make a console version that works offline, i’ll buy it, but not this version.

      • This game would really not work with a controller!

      • I’m sure it could.

      • It really couldn’t you would get destroyed.

      • That’s what has stopped me from getting it, I really don’t want to support always online DRM in any way.

  6. That is some going…..

  7. Horrible DRM aside, it is a very good game and I was pleased to get it for only 99p! :)
    Unfortunately, my PC has died, so I haven’t been able to play more than a couple of hours or so. :(

  8. Please put this on Vita Blizzard.
    I’d probably get a PS3 version, but a Vita one would be even better for me- plus my 3G connection means I could even be online more the game servers are! :P

  9. No surprise. The game is quite good, and not a mare re-skin of the old one as I expected.

    Even if the game was total shit, it would had sell as much from the nostalgia filled hype alone!

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