Tokyo Jungle: Elephants On Roller Skates

If this game does not make it to the West the I am throwing all my toys out of the pram.

For the uninitiated, Tokyo Jungle is a survival action game developed by PlayStation C.A.M.P. which takes places in a futuristic Japanese city. Rather than play a shaven headed genero-marine the main characters are a Pomeranian dog and a thoroughbred racehorse.

As the game progresses you will discover what has happened to the humans who rather conveniently left some Elephant sized roller skates laying around before they vanished.

They also left a sumo wrestler’s belt which can be worn by a Japanese Tosa dog thus making the pooch more aerodynamic. Other pickups include  ‘cheap pet food’, ‘terrible stamina jerky’ and ‘flea removal shampoo’ which, er, removes fleas.

AndriaSang has posted a zoo full of screenshots, check them out below.

Source: Andrisang


  1. No way this is coming to the West. Looks bonkers.

    • So did Noby Noby Boy and that made it.

    • And that’s exactly why it should!

  2. I want this now. it’s things like this that I got a Japanese psn account for.

  3. Looks ok might not be my kind of game.

  4. Watched a few Youtube clips a few weeks ago looks insane but brilliant

  5. Hope this sells absolute bucket loads.

  6. I might want to see some gameplay first but it looks a bit mental – in a good way :)

  7. Looks…odd. But why is this taking so long to be developed, it was announced years ago, as I remember.

  8. Ok, i have no idea what i am looking at!

    Kinda looks like Yakuza though. With animals. Yakuzamals.

  9. i, i don’t.

    i think i’m going to have to see this in action before i can form any thoughts more coherent than those above. o_O

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