Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 E3 Gameplay Trailer

Responsive defending. We’ve heard something like that somewhere before.


Anyway, look there’s a new PES (pronounced evolution, not Evolution) out this year, and it’s going up against a new FIFA. The same will probably happen next year, too.



  1. Nuh-uh. PES is pronounced “pez”.

    • Which is also Spanish for fish. The more you know!

  2. Haven’t played a PES game on the ps3. Was my main game on the ps2 (PES3)
    I’ve been a fifa convert on the PS3. May give PES a go

    • Lack of licensing still puts me off though. Used to buy option files on ps2 memory cards from ebay. Do the option files still exist?

      • I think you can download them sort of things for PES still.

      • Yeah, you can just download an option file onto a USB at copy across to the PS3 game folder on the XMB. Easy enough.

      • sweet, cheers gents

      • U can get some great option files, mine’s got the Championship & Bundesliga. BUNDESLIGA YA YA!

  3. I cant deal with the way the players move on PES its just weird. FIFA will no doubt destroy it once again.

    • I have a similar issue, only reversed.
      Someone has to give PES some love:)

      • I will, and the king is back! PES FTW!!

      • Loving PES even though the shooting feels broken, and playing on top player level makes every team feel as good as Barca

  4. why are they bothering anymore, they come out with the same guff every year and its still not as good as FIFA.

  5. PES used to be so dominant. I can’t really see them regaining their position unless EA REALLY screw up.

  6. wanker

    • *i’d like to point out that this was directed at a spammer and the comment has now been removed :D

      • For some reason my post went above yours(see post times.) Mabye because I am one lol, but seriously, Fifa?:)

      • p.s. How about a dislike opt to accompany like, that would make for some interesting comment stats.

  7. I find it disturbing how someone can prefer Fifa over PES.

    • * I have a similar issue, only reversed.
      *^ thought i’d save somebody the trouble.

  8. This looks like such a truly magnificent game, Konami should change the name to Pro Revolution Soccer. Now, about that pronunciation … ;)

  9. So they are basically adding things FIFA has had for years? Player ID = Pro Player Intelligence, Deft Ball Control= FIFA’s skilled dribbling. Innovation right there! I can’t stand the weird twitchy dribbling animations either.

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