Zone Of The Enders HD Intro Movie

It’s late on a Friday afternoon so you may well be able to spare the five and a half minutes it will take to watch the new opening animation that Konami have put together for the upcoming Zone of the Enders HD Collection.

If you missed the two ZOE games on the PlayStation 2 it is enough to know they are all about battling in giant mecha, known as Orbital Frames in this particular instance, and wielding large energy weapons and huge blades that positively throb with the power coursing through them. This is essentially anime after all, so you should know what you are in for.


We have seen some screenshots for the collection already and now Konami have published the newly made opening animation. Be warned it may be considered Not Safe For Work as Ken’s nipple-less breasts make a lingering appearance.

The original ZOE was the first game to convince me that next-generation gaming had arrived on the PS2 so it is with a little trepidation that I await the HD Collection in case it ends up looking a little too last-gen for this gen. If you know what I mean.



  1. Metal gear Rex oh no wait… Transformers?

    So is the game anime?

  2. The game is not anime, but it owes some of its style and themes to it, obviously. The original was really gritty, fun and one of the prettiest games on the PS2 for some years.

    I never played the second – copies were scarce – but I heard it was twice as good. I am really looking forward to this.

    • F

    • Bloody Pale Moon. No better than Firefox, I’ll tell you that.

      Yeah, for some, read ‘a lot’. Don’t discount it purely on that basis though. They are Kojima classics, pure and simple.

      • Absolutely. It borrows heavily from anime tropes but they wrap a really solid and great looking game.

    • It’s easier to get a copy today. I myself have the rereleased PS2 version with the cloured 12+ rating on it.

  3. I think I just had an aneurysm.

  4. Nothing amazing imo, the openings of the original was great though.

    • Yeah, I prefer the original too.

  5. Think this is going to be high on my list of to buy games, remember enjoying the first one. Might even have it hidden away in the loft somewhere. I feel a rummage coming on…

  6. Never played these before but gonna give it a shot. KOJIMA + TRANSFORMERS must surely = WIN.

  7. Watching that, I smiled so much I think my lips went round the back of my head. Give me a date so I can make the necessary arrangements, Konami!

  8. you know, i think when they were designing the mechs in this game, they took the word cockpit a little too literally.

  9. I loved the first but never managed to pick up a copy of the second, so this is a definite must.

    I really hope we get a special edition like the MGS Collection had, I would love a print/shirt/Jehuty or Anubis figure. I think I saw pictures of the Japanese one last week so fingers crossed.

  10. I remember the music from Peace Walker’s iPod. It was a nice track.

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