Ascend: New Gods Announced for Xbox 360

Microsoft have announced that Ascend: New Gods is to be released next year. Described as a “rich third-person action RPG at its heart.”, Ascend looks like an action-heavy hack and slasher from the trailer.

Worryingly, it looks a bit like Bloodforge, though it is developed by the creators of the wonderful Toy Soldiers franchise, so hopefully they’ve got another hit on their hands.


There’s no word whether it’s an XBLA title or a full retail release, but it should be out some time next year. The E3 trailer below shows off all of Ascend’s godly goodness.

Update: It’s always difficult to be sure during these fast-paced stage shows but Ascend: New Gods does appear to be an XBLA title.



  1. i guess it was named recently?

  2. Named just after god of war ascension?

    • Jammit! I guess this is what I get for opening a new tab and not writing a comment until several minutes later…

  3. God of War Ascencion
    Ascend: New Gods

  4. What really reminded me of God of War – 0:58 of the video when the guy is about to get stabbed in the eye. That was exactly like GOW3.

  5. Reminds me of GOW and SHOTC. Plus the gameplay doesn’t seem to be that fluid but i’m sure that they will sort it out before it gets released. :)

  6. Thought this looked quite good actually but it was hard to tell exactly what kindve game it could be.Dragons Dogma style open world would be lovely but it could just as easily be a button masher.

  7. Hmm the last monster was quite neat.

  8. Nice and bloody looking, definite God of War infuences, could be good.

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