Need For Speed: Most Wanted Releases in October

No, we’ve not gone back in time, EA really are making another Need for Speed game with the Most Wanted subtitle. We reported on rumours just over a week ago saying almost exactly this, but didn’t know much about the game.

Oh, and we were off with the release date, by a day or two: Most Wanted will instead be releasing on October 30th (though that could well be November in the UK).

It looks good, however, and it appears to be Burnout in all but name – it features a large, free roaming map, road rules and looks like it plays quite like Burnout, too. The gameplay shown looked great, both aesthetically and functionally – there appears to be some handy floating text, similar to Split Second in a way showing you where to go and some stats about your car.

Road Rules appear to be back, too, as seen in the trailer, so it looks similar to the brilliant Burnout Paradise in a few ways.

Most Wanted also brings the ‘second generation of autolog’, though EA didn’t go into detail about what this second generation would actually involve.

Oh, and it’s coming out on Vita too.


  1. Looks brilliant…. but it’s not underground is it.

  2. Having watched the live demo, I am now seriously hyped for this. Most Wanted on PS2 is still my favourite NFS game and from what I saw today Criterion’s looks just as good. SOLD!!!!!

  3. This trailer reminds me very much of Most Wanted’s intro on PS2.

  4. Looks great, slightly concerned about routes not being narrowed down during the actual races, but Criterion rock so day 1

  5. Burnout Paradise with a little bit of Hot Pursuit thrown in. I’ll keep an eye on the Vita version.

  6. Yes. Yes. Yes.

  7. Wait, it’s coming out on Vita?!!
    Must have missed that in all the lagging and reloading of the stream.

    YESSSSS!!! :D

  8. I loved Most Wanted, but just make Burnout Paradise 2 will you?

    • I think they just did, mate.

  9. Love Criterion and their earlier work. Must buy for me!

  10. Burnout Paradise in all but name? Count me in!

    • That’s what won me over. Might be the first NFS game that I buy in the last 10 years.

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