Portal 2 To Get Move Patch On PS3, New Levels

Sony’s Move support might be on the way out, but Valve are still happy bedfellows with the platform holder, offering up yet another reason why the PlayStation 3 version of Portal 2 is the one to have. Well, unless you’ve got a decent PC or a Mac. Or a vivid imagination.

The patch will offer up 20 new Test Chambers – that’ll require Move – and the option to wiggle your wand all over the main single player, too. The levels have been seen before mind, they were used in a cross promotion with the Razer Hydra, but they’re still super cool.

That’s a YouTube-o-tron from the Hydra pack. Notice stretching and other manipulation that you can’t normally do with the Portal gun.



  1. I thought i saw portal in one of the playstation videos at E3. Counter-Strike GO is also going to have move support too…. It’s wierd that valve are suddenly getting behind motion controls at a time when no really cares about move anymore….. Still should be cool though. I’m also geusiing it’s free right?

    • “Sony’s Move support might be on the way out”

      Errm, says who? That’s a rather pathetic fanboy baiting lead line.

      if there is anything that’s “on the way out”, it’s surely Kinect, there hasn’t been one single game worth purchasing, with every one being the same old shovelware.

      • Sony, pretty much, as evidenced by their press conference.

        List me some exciting upcoming Move games.

      • Book of Spells the only upcoming Move exclusive I care about (and that’s because of Harry Potter) and in fact, the only future Move exclusive I can name.
        It’s still only going to be an optional control system- Portal 2, Beyond, whatever Sony’s next shooter is, etc.

  2. That was actually really damn cool. Why can’t I do this with my mouse on my PC? Can I?

    • Not unless your mouse is a two handed motion controller, no.

      • Er, i’m confused, this article is written by Alex (i assume nofi) but you have made 2 comments with different log ins? (i.e Alex and nofi) why? (have you gone all schizophrenic in your old age fella) ;-)

  3. Cool, i knew these were coming to Move but hadn’t seen the video!

  4. Hurrah for Valve yet again. I’ll be all over this when it comes out.

  5. Looks pretty cool. Hopefully this’ll get me back in Portal 2, still have to finish that game!

    • You’re mad. :) Absolutely brilliant game, with the co-op actually managing to beat the incredible single player. Which makes a sum total of a 11/10 game.

  6. So, is this free?

    Also – how much of the game will it work with? Does it work with the co-op part?

    • That’s all answered in the post, apart from the cost. There’s 20 new levels and it’ll work with the single player.

  7. Still need to buy this, but it may hit PSPLUS….

  8. I guess I asked the wrong question. I haven’t played Portal 2. Is the singleplayer and the co-op the same game?

    • Different games

      • Damn. I wanted to play co-op with a pc gamer using Move.

  9. Awesome :)
    I need to rattle the co-op stuff off on this still! Great game and another reason to go back to it too!

  10. I saw this at the Sony conference on when the did the video of all the games on the screens i saw a stretched box like that one. :)

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