PS Vita 2012 Sales Target 10m

Infuriatingly, for those of us who track numbers, in its most recent financial report Sony lumped together sales forecasts for the PS2 and PS3 as well as for the PSP and PS Vita.  Their forecast for the PS Vita was of particular interest with it being their new handheld and one that is perceived to be off to a slow start.

In an interview with Reuters at E3 SCE president Andrew House has revealed that the PS Vita target is 10m for Sony’s current financial year. Given the combined PSP and PS Vita target was 16m that obviously leaves a 6m forecast for PSP sales.

House identifies the key sales drivers as being high profile software over the holiday period as well as a strengthening of the network services available on the PS Vita. Both Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty were singled out as examples of the big holiday software releases while Youtube and Hulu were given as examples of additional network services.

Now we know the PS Vita’s forecast we can track its progress against it.

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  1. Could happen, if they advertise the new games well. Currently at something like 2million, right?

    • Wishful thinking.

      • Yeah, probably…but I don’t want it to fail now that I’ve bought one!

  2. Better get advertising some good games and the Vita itself.

  3. Surely COD will be the Vita’s big hitter? Love it or Hate it…people buy it

    • I’d imagine Assassin’s creed will be too.

      • Yup, 3rd parties will be key.

        They really need to get Gran Turismo on there too.

  4. Aggressive. Maybe they know something we don’t?

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Monster Hunter 4 will be announced on September 20th.

  5. I still can’t believe Sony seem to solely be relying on COD and Assassins Creed to save Vita. Sure, those games will sell and boost Vita sales, but 10 million units? They need more than just 2 AAA games if they want Vita to stop being a flop.

  6. Yeah, that’s not going to happen unless Sony actually get more third party support for the Vita as well as first party support and actually advertise it. As i can’t remeber the last time i saw a Vita ad. COD will help to sell it but it won’t end up being the game that causes the Vita to sell 10million units this year. In fact, why is Kevin Butler not advertising the Vita? :O

  7. Might of helped in getting 10 mill if they showed some of the ’25 games’ that are appranetly at E3. Fifa, Cod and Monster Hunter are the games most likely to help them reach that goal (although I personally would buy it for Uncharted and AC3:L)

  8. Advertise so the world knows about it ^_^

  9. Final Fantasy X HD, MGS HD and some others won’t be enough. A game like Warhawk/ Starhawk relying on vast multiplayer battles and encourages addiction may well be the way to go (at least for a hawking fan like myself) :P

  10. Tough target, cant see it happening. Love the vita but it suffers from gadget syndrome. A curse that befalls all handheld devices in the hands of core gamers, which involves extended play time in home console terms, followed by large periods of gathering dust. But its our fault though, in expecting new things to stay exciting when really the only exciting factor is that its new… Must get new shiny… Must consume…

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