Japan’s Turn For A PS Vita Offer

A week ago it was France and now we have news that Japan also has an offer running for those who buy a PS Vita.  So long, that is, as they buy from Amazon a bundle consisting of a 3G PS Vita, a game and a 4GB memory card.  The deal runs from now until the end of July.

Buying that little lot will see the total cost dropped not only by the cost of the memory card but also by a further ¥3,000 (approximately £25 or $38).  With the price of the memory card being around ¥2,000 the total saving is around ¥5,000 (£41, $63).


When Amazon Japan ran a similar deal earlier this year, albeit for a smaller discount, it was confirmed by other retails to be a Sony initiative.  It is worth noting that the current French offer of a rebate is for a remarkably similar amount, €50 (£40, $62).

Is this a simple marketing promotion or are Sony testing consumer reactions to lower prices without actually making the price cut they say is not coming?  A good way to test whether consumers will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to a lower PS Vita price?



  1. Just slash the prices of memory card by 2/3 and I’ll be happy.

    • I’ll second this. Buying the vita I can handle…but the cost of those memory cards is mental, especially when added over the top of the vita price and a game to go with it.

      • And certain 3GB downloadable games costing the same as retail…

  2. They should make a limited, one off Diamond PS Vita, and sell it for £50,000. See if someone buys it.

    • Then make a adimantium one(can’t spell the materiel that Wolverine has in his body which allows him to regenerate) followed by a diet one and where am i going with this again? O-o

    • I think i heard this before…. Hmmm… oh yeah a diamond chisel for $50,000 from Molyneux, but seriously i think i’ll wait for a price drops of memory cards and Vita.

  3. Timing the price cut with the White Vita and AC Bundle could be a great way of boosting sales over here.

    • Very true. Maybe they are testing the waters so to speak, as to how big the discount needs to be.

  4. I hope it boosts sales and the same offer, or better, is applied to all markets, i.e. here.

  5. Price cut in time for Assassins creed and Cod for the holiday season me thinks! PLEASE SONY! I want to buy a Vita and support you but such a big investment on my part needs to be rewarded with support in the form of software and cheaper games/memory cards…

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