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The 15 Minis You Have To Play

PSP, PS Vita or PS3.

The Minis platform hasn’t seen a huge amount of promotion from Sony as a whole since it launched, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some brilliant games on there – especially now that they work on PlayStation 3 too.

And, of course, a good chunk of them work on PlayStation Vita – as we’ve noted in the ones we’ve hand picked below. And sure, there’s no trophies on any of these, but they’re all top notch games and you can grab the entire lot for roughly the price of a new AAA console game.

Where Is My Heart – £3.99, works on PS Vita

A charming little platform adventure with a really smart central mechanic that starts off simple but soon takes hold. If you like your games a little bit different (and with some gorgeous pixel art) then this is probably for you.

Pix’n Love Rush – £1.74, works on PS Vita

This is a brilliant throwback to retro gaming, not just in the simple left/right/jump controls, but the visuals which gradually move onto different old school homages the better you play. Look out for the Gameboy mode and the one that looks like a Virtual Boy.

Velocity – £3.99, works on PS Vita

Hugely popular around the web, Futurlab’s space shooter plays smart (with the clever teleportation and boost mechanics) and sounds great too, with Killzone composer Joris de Man involved in the soundtrack. Looks like a top-down Amiga shooter, and is all the better for it.

  1. cam the man
    Since: May 2009

    I’ve got a few of the above minis downloaded but haven’t had a chance to play them yet.

    Comment posted on 15/06/2012 at 14:17.
  2. pip
    Since: Jun 2012

    Some fantastic games there, but there are loads of great minis on the Playstation Store. My favourite is probably ‘The Impossible Game’.

    Comment posted on 15/06/2012 at 14:22.
  3. HoboCastro
    Since: Mar 2010

    Zombie Tycoon is a personal favourite. And Family Games, although that uses an American dictionary.

    Comment posted on 15/06/2012 at 14:35.
  4. Paranoimia
    Since: Aug 2008

    Really can’t be bothered with minis – all to cheap and simple, and so many are too retro. I bought 2 or 3, but they’ve long since been deleted, and I won’t be buying any more.

    I had my fill of simple 2D games as a kid, but I guess there’s a certain charm for you young ‘uns! :-)

    Comment posted on 15/06/2012 at 15:38.
    • recurv
      Since: Apr 2010

      I’d be happy to give you a personal guarantee. If you don’t enjoy Velocity, I’ll reimburse you the cash myself. Just email me james@futurab.co.uk with a list of points why you didn’t enjoy it, along with your sort code and account number, and I’ll give you your cash back.

      Obviously I’m only offering this because I know it’ll never happen. You will love Velocity ;)

      Comment posted on 17/06/2012 at 09:52.
  5. XisTG
    Since: May 2010

    On the note of the Mediatronic bundle, I’m now downloading it but man oh man was it buried deep in that maze of a store!

    Comment posted on 15/06/2012 at 22:19.
  6. Lord_Gremlin
    Since: Nov 2009

    To be honest I will never buy minis (no trophies), but I get to try PS+ free ones. They’re generally shitty, really.
    Impossible game is garbage. Not sure if playable.

    Comment posted on 16/06/2012 at 19:04.
  7. Gadbury
    Since: Jan 2009

    Perhaps Minis are more popular with the older gamers?

    Bought Velocity and Where Is My Heart as a result of this article. Brilliant, both, especially Velocity. Vita needs more stuff like this (and more promotion for what is readily available). I prefer this stuff to the AAA PS3 ports. I have a PS3 for the full-screen experience. The only way Sony will get me buying Vita versions of AAA PS3 games is if 1) the Vita versions adds something non-gimicky to the experience, 2) the Vita version translates especially well (i.e. Rayman Origins looks gorgeous on the OLED and the simple gameplay suits portable play and 3) if the Vita version is discounted should I own the PS3 version.

    Comment posted on 17/06/2012 at 09:45.
  8. Unterred
    Since: Oct 2009

    Didn’t know coconut dodge was 99p. I’m going to download now.

    Comment posted on 28/06/2012 at 18:47.