The 15 Minis You Have To Play

Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess – £3.49, works on PS Vita


Takes the best bits of the vertical jumping genre and wraps them up in some wonderful graphics and quick fire gameplay. Mediatonic are one of the platform’s key protagonists and always come up with really well produced titles that belie the Minis limitations.

Aero Racer – £3.99, works on PS Vita

Top down racing game with a really neat twist – that you need to drift near to the edges to fill up your boost. This core system is a perfect balance between risk and reward and means that the more you play the better you’ll get at it.

Who’s That Flying?! – £3.99, works on PS Vita

Another one from Mediatonic – this time it’s a side scrolling shooter with an absolutely wicked sense of humour. Really quite funny but with finely tuned gameplay and some lovely visuals. If you like shoot-em-ups then this will be up your street.

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  1. I actually have all of these titles and can fully agree, these are some worthwhile titles on any platform. give em a try

  2. I have Fieldrunners and Age of Zombies which are good fun.

    The issue for some might be that £3+ is a little expensive, when you can buy MotorStorm RC for a similar price, or pay another £3/£4 for a full PSN game with multiplayer and trophies.

  3. Flying Hamster, Space Shooter for $2 and Floating Cloud God are my picks, minis are great for keeping SEUs alive on PlayStation. Now.. can we have a port of R-Type?

  4. Fieldrunners is very good and I think it’s only £1.99. Pixeljunk monsters should be on there surely.

  5. Pah, everyone knows games need trophies to be fun ;)

  6. Woo Vibes got featured! Such an under rated game! There really are some awesome minis, wish they got more recognition in general and on the Vita.

  7. Impossible game?

  8. Nice mini write-up, i would add BreakQuest and Space Shooter for 2 Bucks.

    • BreakQuest is absolute genius – loved that game, a must for any arkanoid fans

  9. urbanix, retro cave flyer and stick man rescue are also good fun.

  10. I have a few of these minis: Velocity, Ages of Zombies and Fieldrunners. Enjoyed all three of these! I dont play minis that often but if I have a spare 10mins they are worth a go :) Also enjoy the impossible game, I must run and babel king of the blocks :)

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