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A Single New Screenshot From Watch Dogs Is Released

Look, I know this isn’t exactly huge news. In fact, I don’t think it’s really news at all. It’s a quiet day though, so allow me this little folly.

It’s a single screenshot (or render, you can never be too sure) from Ubisoft’s eye-meltingly delicious Watch Dogs.

Some places are salivating over this and declaring that it’s far too good to be “this gen”. To that, we say: “Duh… that’s because it’s a PC shot and good PC shots haven’t looked like current gen consoles for a couple of years.” because we’re a bit snarky like that on a Friday afternoon.

It is gorgeous though and I’m still a little bit dubious of the claim we’ll see this on Xbox 360 and PS3 myself. But that’s a good thing. Stunning, slightly unbelievable graphics are what a significant portion of loving this pastime is about for me. That and the parties, obviously. We have awesome parties when nobody is looking.


  1. Looks great, cannot wait for it to be released…long way away yet but it should be good when it gets here!

  2. The Tom Clancy games may be taking a downward turn as of late but otherwise Ubisoft are just awesome :D Really like the fact they will be heavily supporting the Wii-U

  3. It’s the shadows. PS3 & Xbox cant do shadows like that. Def PC.

  4. Ah, they said it’ll be out on multiple platforms and didn’t mention the 360 or PS3 by name, did they? Makes sense that this would hit next gen outings from Microsoft and Sony and the PC all at the same time.

    • Also, I’m sure that’s a pre-render as oppose to real-time even compared to the lovely video at E3. Still, either way, it’s looking wonderful.

    • AG2297 has let me know they’re still pushing for current consoles too. Christ! That’s some optimisation required. ;)

    • They did say it was coming out for this gen consoles after the conference. At least that’s what I’ve read.

  5. So looking forward to this game. I hope it looks remotely as good as this on the PS3. My PC could probably handle better graphics than the PS3 but I’d like to try a demo first to see how it runs.

  6. Where the fuck are these parties?! Nob.

    • FFS Peter you had to blab about the parties. Now we’ll have to invite this grumpy sod.

  7. it’s a street. o_O

    the game does look interesting though, just not in that pic. ^_^

    • Look at how much stuff there is to hack! Cameras, traffic lights, A TRAIN. That “street” is a playground!

      • actually, i hadn’t considered that.

        suddenly it does look more interesting.

    • actually it’s the Chicago Loop – and that train (the ‘L’) is the Brown Line (Ravenswood) train. I think that is Wabash Street

      its so impressive because it is so exact – lots of games have been based in major cities but they aren’t exact, and therefore aren’t real – one of the first things I’m going to do when I get this game is see if my old apartment and work are in the game, are the clubs, restaurants, I went to – my old uni are they there? it will be mental if they are.

      maybe there is something more to google maps than just supposed invasion of privacy

  8. cant wait for this! it’s going to be awesome!

    i am building so much hype that im going to explode before this game hits the shelves, or in my case: the mailbox! =D

  9. Dunno why that trains moving at such pace, the light on the track is clearly red ;)

  10. I still just want confirmation of a rough release window. I reckon that whilst they’ll try for this gen, it will get pushed back.

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