Dragon’s Dogma Ships 1M Copies, Becomes Major Capcom Franchise

Capcom today announced that its latest IP, action RPG Dragon’s Dogma, has shipped over one million copies to retailers. It’s the 55th title for the giant Japanese publisher to hit this prestigious milestone, having breached sales charts across the globe whilst accruing favourable review scores.

The number of units shipped does not necessarily translate into how many have been sold to the consumer, though it’s a good show of demand for Dragon’s Dogma. When it launched in late May the game took Japan by storm, trumping first-week sales of any new IP launched within the past decade.


Needless to say, it’s great news for Capcom, the company announcing plans to expand Dragon’s Dogma into the publisher’s next major franchise. This will most likely entail a slew of straight-up sequels; however, knowing Capcom, mobile and/or handheld spin-offs aren’t completely out of the question either.

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  1. I can’t wait for the super hyper extreme edition that has a few new skins and 1 mode of DD to come out which would be sold at £40. Hopefully, when they release the sequel they will address the issues that DD1 had. :)

    • Me as well.
      I’m also still waiting for a complete edition for Street Fighter X Tekken and Batman Archam City that will include the content on the disk, but none of them have been announced yet (the existing announced CE for batman AC will have the extra content in redeem codes).

      Patience is key!

  2. I’ve been thinking of getting this, mindful of just hype-buying, but a million sales doesn’t lie does it. I’ll be sure to pick this up, hoping I ca get it for cheaper than £30 although, I know i’d be lucky.

    • CoD grins sheepishly in the corner at your comment.

  3. I played the demo & it just did not have that skyrim wow factor. The player movement felt sluggish like

    • Combat is definitely more methodical and akin to traditional third person action games. Personally I prefer the combat in DD to Skyrim, though both feel a bit limited and poorly executed in parts.

    • Been playing it (PS3) for the past two week. Even parked Witcher 2 for it.

      There can be sluggish movement but that’s part of the game if you are “heavy” with equipment and stuff.

      Combat is top-notch far more tactical than Skyrim and I have not noticed the difficulty spikes much.

  4. Isn’t it only being brought for the Resi 6 demo ;-)

  5. Vita Vita Vita!!!!!

  6. Hopefully this will be one of the games I pick up when my birthday hits – really enjoyed the demo, thought the combat was better than Skyrim’s, and I’m hoping that the world is suitably expansive too.

  7. Great news. I feel like it’s a franchise that could really hit its stride come the sequel.

    • I agree. There was nothing wrong with the game as such, everything worked as it should, the pawn system was a clever feature, well executed and it was generally enjoyable. The only real downside was the story that started off strongly then vanished for 30 hours.

      I think Capcom could get away with a sequel being the same game again, but with a few quid spent on fleshing out the world and giving it a story to engage players for a bit longer.

  8. I’ve really enjoyed dragon’s dogma. A wonderful game, although not without it’s faults, like very strangely done romance sequences! I played it to death, and only stopped as i’ve done practically everything apart from the Ur dragon, and with the generation it’s in now you’d need a lot of spare time on your hands to kill it!

  9. This is great news. It’s a brilliant game! Already can’t wait for the next expansion or sequel :)

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