PS3 Firmware 4.20’s Hidden Secret Is Web Browser Related

Every time there’s a firmware update for the PS3, the list of changes and fixes seems to skip a couple of features. With the latest system software – 4.20 – going live last night we’ve been looking to see what’s new in there.


One such hidden feature is web browser related. No, it’s not a whole new browser – yet – but there has been one change that should make casual browsing a lot easier.

Sony have finally removed the pop-up that asks you about plug-ins multiple times per session and in some cases multiple times per page. Now it’ll ask you about Flash once per session, so if a site has more than one Flash advert you’ll only be prompted once and then you’re good until you quit.

It’s still Flash 9, as far as we can see, but it’s still better, right?



  1. Never really used the browser tbh.
    But I guess any improvement is always welcome :)

  2. Messages that have no title now have text from the body of the message! New feature, great if you get a message whilst playing and cba opening it up.

  3. Nice start, but the PS3 browser still has a long way to go before it’s useable. I used to use it loads, but eventually got fed up of crashes.

  4. I use mine everyday as i don’t have a computer so any improvements r greatly appreciated.
    To b fair its definitely better than a few years back, which doesn’t say much:)

  5. is it that hard to get a proper browser in the ps3?

    • Apparently so – You’d think they could at least get Internet Explor… Oh. :)

      But there are other options out there that don’t relate to microsoft, so you are right.

      • really makes me wonder why they cant use non IE options.On the other hand do Sony guys really thier own browser?lol

  6. i cant watch vids now on my Ps3, WTF sony?

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