PS3 Firmware 4.20’s Hidden Secret Is Web Browser Related

Every time there’s a firmware update for the PS3, the list of changes and fixes seems to skip a couple of features. With the latest system software – 4.20 – going live last night we’ve been looking to see what’s new in there.


One such hidden feature is web browser related. No, it’s not a whole new browser – yet – but there has been one change that should make casual browsing a lot easier.

Sony have finally removed the pop-up that asks you about plug-ins multiple times per session and in some cases multiple times per page. Now it’ll ask you about Flash once per session, so if a site has more than one Flash advert you’ll only be prompted once and then you’re good until you quit.

It’s still Flash 9, as far as we can see, but it’s still better, right?



  1. Any improvement to the PS3 browser is always welcome.

  2. Finally!
    This issue is really prevalent on certain, shall we say, adult sites.

    My friend will be so pleased. Yeah, my friend …

  3. The web browser on ps3 is unusable. Nearly every time i use it I have to reset my ps3 as it just crashes the system. Useless.

    • That happens to me now and again especially if im watching you tube on my playbob it’ll crashes i press off button get the joyful three beeps. Then sometimes if im lucky my favorite msg pops up “you’re hardrive may be corrupted and may have to be rebuilt this may take 2 to 3 hours” luckily it only takes afew minutes. Oddly though i have found in the past that if i switch routers it performs better with you tube and crashes not nearly as often but the other router is slower and my nat is moderate the one i like to use is faster and always open nat type DUN DUN DUN.

  4. Here I was thinking it was cross game chat. Silly me. :D

    • *picks himself up off floor and admires his shiny xbox 360*

  5. I stopped using the PS3 browser as it was pretty useless.
    I’ll give it another go and see what it’s like now.

    • If its been a few months then I’d say give it a go. It’s improved a bit.

  6. good news I guess, now only if they stopped with the planned/unplanned maintenance every week.

  7. I would have downloaded this, weren’t it not for the fact that i’m downloading the extended cut for Mass Effect 3 on my 360. Will have tto wait until next week for it on PS3 is frustrating.

  8. there’s a browser wow it really does do everything!

  9. As i use the ps3 browser daily i welcome any improvements.

  10. But where is Cross Game Chat? :p

    I rather use IE then the PS3 browser as it’s a pile of crap that barely works. :O
    At least Sony are trying to improvement once every full moon. :)

    • Pretty harsh for IE for you to even compare a decent browser to a really broken browser…

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