Lollipop Chainsaw Feedback To Help Develop “Killer Is Dead”

Encouraging news from the East as Kadokawa Games’ CEO Yoshimi Yasuda and Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda 51 are collecting feedback from Lollipop Chainsaw to help develop their next game, Killer Is Dead.

Noting that the reception for the zombie slashing chainsaw game was ‘mixed’ the team are taking notes from fans and reviews across the globe including suggestions on how to improve the game for a potential sequel.


Hopefully they will get around to making a sequel to Lollipop, a decent script editor would be a good start but you can read what else needs fixing in our review which is conveniently under this link.

Source: Impress Watch via Gamespot



  1. I’ve replayed Lollipop Chainsaw many, many times and will go back. Awesome game.
    But there are a couple of issues.
    1. Don’t lock the most basic combos. Stuff like basic 3 hit combos should be available from the start.
    2. In a score attack game ALL cutscenes should be skip-able. I watched and enjoyed them 4 times in a row, yes, but after that you want to skip the less awesome ones when improving your score.

    • Quite agree on the combos, its just sluggish and boring at the start.

  2. how about making a longer game next time?

  3. Played it with a mate last week, and loved it to bits.
    A couple of checkpoint issues, but great fun all the way through.

    I would suggest “basically more of the same, but with skippable cutscenes and maybe less of the chainsaw dash parts”

  4. how about a little less retro for the bosses – how many incarnations must it have? Also being able to skip the un-skippable phone call scenes – to be fair you could skip intro, boss intro and boss ending cut scenes.

    make it longer as well – oh and make it so people actually want to play it a 2nd or 3rd time instead of having to in order to platinum it.

    the next game he releases I’ll wait until it comes up cheap on Zavvi Mega Monday or something. I already traded Lollipop Chainsaw in for Dragons Dogma

  5. Er, where do we give this feedback??

  6. One very simple change would be to make a smaller game, like a PSN/XBox Live Arcade downloadable title. My feelings for this game is that it was funny for some time, maybe for $14.99 game, but not for a full retail title at $59.99.

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