Community Chronicle: 08/07/12

Welcome back. We had a pretty good response to last week’s initial Community Chronicle, so it returns to watch you as closely as possible without quite being Google levels of creepy.

This week, I’m going to feature a pair of pretty darned snazzy gaming rigs that were sent in to me. First up is CarBoyCam, who has packed a huge amount of technology onto a single, very small desk. I espy a PS3, an Xbox 360, a monitor for PC and what I can only assume is the monitor for Cam’s ‘Hackintosh’ Mac which he’s been playing around with lately.

There’s a whole bunch of game controllers, keyboards and mice, but where does he keep his games? In the desk draws, of course! One for PS3 games and one for 360, since they really shouldn’t be mixed in any sensible storage system. Finally, we get a look at the insides of his PC tower, all nice and lit up blue with its beefy CPU and GPU. Very pretty.

The fourth picture, and just a teensy bit cooler, is El_Mariachi’s set up. I’ll let him explain:

It was a rainy day and “TheRook21” had come over (those are his feet on the left), we fancied a bit of Borderlands so we wheeled the wife’s (I am giant woman) rig in from the living room, and LAN’ed up!
This set up has been improve massively since this photo was taken, but as I am at work I can’t take another photo!
Plus, the two triples don’t normally share a room, just a network!

Very cool, crazy set up. If you too would like to show off, or rather send in a photo of a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

Speaking of which, the second of segment is taking a slightly covert look at what you’ve all managed to accomplish in the last week. I just see what you’ve written in the forums and the comments for What We Played, really, and there have been a whole host of Platinum trophies achieved, games completed, and I’ve got a few more stories from a couple of meets too.

A whole host of people have been playing The Amazing Spider-Man, with 8_bit_hero and Rocket_345 completing it in short order. Going one better, both Crazy_Del and R1MJAW managed to collect all 700 collectible comic book pages (which must have been pretty painful!), in order to get the Platinum trophy. Who got the fastest Platinum, though? Well, R1MJAW beat Del by just 9 minutes! Now that’s close! I guess Del can only console himself with the Spec Ops: The Line and Uncharted: Golden Abyss Platinums.

Elsewhere on the hunt for trophies, Element666 polished off the Lego Batman 2 Platinum, whilst lzorpo managed to sneak through Dead Nation‘s trophy list too. Sly Cooper got a bit of attention with Bodachi and 8_bit nabbing the top shiny for the first and second titles respectively. Ratchet & Clank‘s HD re-releases also got attention with Bambo_19 taking home the Platinum, but he and everyone else has been beaten to the fastest time for the first two R&C games by Whitish-Black Fox.

That’s a lot of trophies! It’s not all about shiny things, though, as LTG Davey finished off Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 on “Elevated Risk” difficulty, a pre-trophy game, whilst Colmshan beat Metal Gear Solid 2… Then started playing it all over again on Vita! He must love hiding out in lockers, or something…

Finally, a tale from the front, where the GT5 boys (myself included) had a pretty awesome race on the Spa DLC track. Over 20 laps, which lasted about 50 minutes, myself, Jambo, Manorhowze and Freezebug tussled in what seemed like a never ending battle for the lead, with Manorhowze just about managing to escape for the win. It wasn’t dull a little further back either, and there was a huge strategic battle for 5th place between Stanley, Ash and Heedbaw, with Ash just pipping it at the end. I clobbered together a highlights reel that lasts about 25 minutes, there was just so much stuff going on!

Let us know in the comments of this article, the What We Played article next week, or use the submission form at the bottom to tell us about trophies and games you’ve finished off, or crazy things you’ve managed to do whilst playing.

Finally, we have the Comment of the Week poll. Last week actually ended up being a hotly contested battle without a clear winner, as Mugsy and me making fun of Jambo’s double negatives and Forrest’s slightly iffy currency conversions tied for the win.

Following on from that, I’ve had to wade through mountains of comments to pick out this week’s best, starting off with Tuffcub making fun of Jas-n for buying the Kay Perry DLC for The Sims 3. BrendanCalls then recalled (geddit?) an old TSA meme to try and convince you all to buy the PS mini, Velocity. It costs less than an LBP t-shirt!

Old Mike’s brain must be on the outs to have thought that the Xbox 360 was really 357 generations beyond the PS3 at launch, he must have been playing too much Wii U, which HoboCastro thinks will be like a 360, at Full HD resolutions, on LSD.

Forrest gets another nomination, merely for inflating TSA’s collective egos over calling out Telltale and Sony for not releasing The Walking Dead Episode 2 in the EU yet, only for it to appear an hour later. We are just that influential.

Can he compete with Youles, though, who started off a whole host of Mobile Call of Duty puns, or the banter between Jim and Alex, trying to play Virtua Tennis on Vita… with the PS Move.

Time to get voting!

If you spot a comment during the week that you think is totally awesome, just hit the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. i really should send in picture of me and my brothers gaming room and rigs! but i think i would need 3 pics, since we have soo many cables and junk all over the place! :P
    this room really shows people what this family really likes: Games and Arsenal FC! =D (well, games for me and my brother but everyone for The Gunners!)
    now, lets see if we could get some pic taken here….

    • Do it!

    • If you want to upload more than one picture you can submit multiple entries :)

      • great! and u’ll see that all belong together since they are from me… =D

  2. Collecting 700 comic pages sounds like a pain, but it was actually not that bad, once you hit 500 the rest show up on the mini-map.

    • Only 500!?
      Id have went insane before i hit 150

      • It’s honestly not that bad, I was mostly just collecting them as I went between story/side missions.

      • It’s true – I have amassed somewhere close to 80 at the moment & i am not particularly far into the story. Have done a fair few side missions though.

  3. Impressive setup from Big Woman, Rook and Mariachi!

    • Perhaps more impressive is that they have their own little community within the community. Always nice to find out stuff like that.

      Helps with stalking.

  4. Like this new feature even more, this and the community round up are letting me get familiar with the week I just missed.

  5. That’s a cool fourth picture, looks like it should be taken from an advertisement.
    “After a hard day, what better way to…………..” :P
    Voted for a comment, which is at the moment neck and neck with Tuffcub’s ‘)
    The GT5 tournament (sorry, Monday meet :P), was bloody great, looking forward to the next.

    • I will get a picture sent in of my gaming wheel set up, but at the moment can’t decide the best way to take a half decent picture. My Pentax digital camera is crap…batteries run out before you can take a picture and transfer it to PC And my HTC mobile camera takes the poorest quality pictures imaginable….utter rubbish!!

    • I will get a picture sent in of my gaming wheel set up, but at the moment can’t decide the best way to take a half decent picture. My Pentax digital camera is crap…batteries run out before you can take a picture and transfer it to PC And my HTC mobile camera takes the poorest quality pictures imaginable….utter rubbish!!

    • Balls!!

  6. I am quite liking these little round ups – It’s a nice little insight to anything you may have missed during the week.

    Thanks to all those that nominated my comment for the comment of the week as well – I try. Well, i don’t actually, but if i happen to think of something that makes me smirk, i’ll pop a comment on & hopefully others react the same way.

    What have i learned this week? I clearly comment far too much! :S

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