Retailer Lists Killzone Vita

This is rather odd, are listing Super Stardust Delta and Treasure Of Montezuma Blitz, two games that are currently only available via the PlayStation store.

They also have a listing for Stardrone, card game ‘Bang’ and Flying Hamster HD. They are not pre-orders but seem to be placeholders and, as the latter was cancelled in April, out of date.

However they do have a proper pre-order page for Killzone on PlayStation Vita which will – apparently – set you back a total of £39.99.



  1. We haven’t heard enough about Killzone Vita, hope it’s ok.

  2. Haven’t picked up my Vita for about two weeks…only got to finish Gravity rush and then my supply is dry until Assassin’s creed in October…although that’s probably for the best considering the amount of work I’m getting done right now.
    Killzone Vita? 2013 release would be appropriate, but a 2012 one would be VERY nice.

  3. And this article has put me in the zone… the KillZone! :D

    • That’s not good. Please do not go on a rampage.

    • he means your joke was lame. dont write anymore!

      thank you :)

  4. Killzone for Vita, buy for certain for me :)
    Killzone has been a great series, hope they keep up with their good work on a handheld!

  5. Maybe the Super Stardust Delta and ToMB are download codes that you can buy on line to give as gifts as apposed to actual physical games? Just a guess!

  6. I call BS – Play have dne this twice before and it’s been crap.

    Treasures is FREE ffs – why would there be a retail release for something what is free?

    Killzone yea but the PSN titles unless it’s some kind of Vita PSN selection box release?

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