First PES Video Showcase For Game Modes

There isn’t much in the annual videogame release schedule that gets me more excited, with more assured regularity, than the autumnal football game releases. I used to be a massive advocate of Konami’s games, whether they were ISS Pro, Pro Evolution Soccer or those times I managed to secure a Winning Eleven import. In recent years, I’ve felt that EA’s FIFA games have edged ahead of their less-lavishly licensed rival but that competition is spurring Konami on to push PES more and more with every yearly release.

These videos are aimed at showing off some of the game’s modes and features as the release date edges ever closer. This first one focuses on the game modes, showing training, online modes, impressive stat tracking and elements of the career mode.



  1. Disappointing to say (as I used to love PES hardcore), but the gameplay clips aren’t looking like a return to form for the series IMO.

  2. Looks leagues behind FIFA still. I desperately want them to challenge FIFA so we have a proper war like we used to therefore furthering quality of both games. FIFA is just too much for PES now and I really think it will never catch up.

    • PES really needs the game engine to be rewritten, the team have never seemed to really get it right for the current-gen (by contrast, the PS2 & PSP games are still considerably better than their FIFA counterparts IMO), maybe that’s regarded as not being worthwhile, being I’d guess the game still sells reasonably well.

      • I dont think they can beat FIFA on the Vita! What is it with the motion blur they apply in their games?

      • I really hope they can as I’m a Vita-only gamer at the moment, but I fear that a) the Vita version will come out in November like the PSP version used to and b) it’ll be a port of the home console versions, and therefore terrible.

  3. FIFA looks realistic, PES IS realistic.

    I say this because I think FIFA looks like a game of football being watched on Sky Sports and PES feels like a game of football you are playing. PES gameplay is fluent and far more realistic, but FIFA has licenses and better graphics.

    • Amen brother amen preach lol

    • But I can go down the park and play football if I wanted realism. I want fun and FIFA gives that.

      • What hold on, how is FIFA fun it took away the meaning of fun & tried make the game as realistic game play wise as the real thing. When I go to my friends house (FIFA die hard fan) the game has so many controls u have to remember, technical shots, that ain’t fun. I just want bang the ball with no complication no outside foot inside foot, just toe poke that ball and hopefully it’s a goal

      • You can go down the park and play mate but it won’t be anywhere near the quality of a real match, PES makes you feel like your in control of a real life, flowing game of football.

      • You just insulted my footballing skills there!

      • Ha! Who do you play for then?

  4. Every year I play the demo. Every year I am disappointed.

  5. I love pro, I’m a die hard pro man, never will I convert to that other game, we all know people play that other game for licenses if pro had license no one would be playing that other game!!

    The problem I have with pro & that other game is the passing system, I mean the ball ain’t clearly going to reach you so why the funk ain’t u also running towards the ball.

    • I dont think people play FIFA for the licenses… It takes about 10 minutes if that to find packs with kits and badges and to apply them.

      • I agree, I shifted to FIFA only because PES was poor, had the game been decent I’d still be a PES man now.

      • When was the last PES you played DixNeuf? I say this because PES 2012 had terrific gameplay, all FIFA did was make you press the ‘B’ or ‘O’ button a bit more depending on your chosen console. I’m not going to try and say FIFA isn’t a good game, because it is good, it simulates the footballing world really well with the in depth career mode and great graphics but when you take away all of that and were literally just playing both games with no graphic design just 3d models, you would prefer PES.

      • I played 2012 mate, found it deathly dull and soulless to play. I actually don’t like FIFA very much either, but I need a football game in my life and it played much better than PES in my opinion.

  6. PES 2012 was the first Pro Evo/ISS game i have not purchased. I cant see me going back unfortunately, the game has lost its way this generation (PES2008 being a shocking low point). FIFA has surpassed it in every way now and i cant see a way back for the series.
    Please Konami, go and prove me wrong!!

  7. U can’t beat Master League – playing it 2 death at the mo.
    Only thing that pisses me off about PES2012 is the shooting(feels broken)
    Love the game nonetheless

    • It is broken, but to get the best out of it you need to position your players correctly, this isn’t your fault because nobody tells you to do this, but if you position your player correctly he gest over the ball better and you’ll shoot correctly, also hold R1 (PS3 I take it) When shooting and you’ll hit powerful drives. Best used with players that have good shot power. Hope that helps.

  8. Honestly I gave fifa a go last night again, after all a lot of people play it, but I can’t see the appeal. It just feels so clunky and unimaginative. Your basically just playing out a video of a match on tv. Also I hate the imapact system and the refs who, for some reason seem to want to ive a penalty for fantastic challenges and wave away for awful ones. Oh well, just my opinion but i’d always recommend PES.

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