Huge Awesomenauts Update Coming Soon, Will Be Completely Free

When it launched back in May, Ronimo’s 2D side-scrolling take on the MOBA genre turned out to be quite the stunner. In our review, we praised the digital offering for its accessible recreation of the DOTA sub-genre, often considered one of the most complex experiences in the world of competitive gaming.

However, as Ronimo openly admits in its latest PS Blog entry, Awesomenauts was by no means perfect, held back slightly by a lack of content and some minor matchmaking issues.


In true MOBA spirit, Ronimo isn’t just leaving the game to bask in its moment of glory. Instead, the team has just announced a free update in the form of a patch; not only will it amend online problems, this latest stir-up will also usher in two new characters; Coco Nebulon and Derpl Zork.

From the brief descriptions given, Coco seems like a mobile offensive character capable of heading frontline assaults, her abilities making her lethal even when in retreat. Derpl isn’t quite as dexterous; hulking in size, he can actually transform his combat walker into a static turret.

Source: PlayStation Blog



  1. Hmm… This’ll probably make me play it a bit again.

    • Same here, I got a bit bored with it after a while, but I’ll give it another go.

  2. While it’s great that they’re doing this – I found the lack of map variety to be more of a killer than character choice

  3. Since I got it with PS+ I’m addicted :P The funny speech, nice look and gameplay are great. Looking forward to this update :D

  4. Now, thi is something i need to play. Never had before and i have no idea how i didnt see the trailer or heard anything about it until now!

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