Updated Metal Gear Solid 4 Will Feature “Full” One-Time Install, In Addition To Trophies

Konami has confirmed that Metal Gear Solid 4 will, as we said yesterday, be getting a trophy patch.

However, further details have since emerged, pointing out that there’ll be a “The Best” version of the game, budget priced, which will allow the player to install the full amount of data at the start of the game, rather than having to pause and wait for the game to painfully install each individual chapter as you get to it in the story.


The official listing for this new release of the game suggests that this “full install” option will only be available to this new budget re-release, which is likely to be a Japan-only re-issue.

Regardless, there’s definitely going to be a patch for the original versions to activate trophies. It’s not known whether or not they’ll be retroactive depending on your progress or whether you’ll need to play through it all again, but as the sheer number of comments in our article yesterday highlighted: this is absolutely great news.

It’ll be out early August.



  1. Crikey, how long will it take to fully install MGS4, the levels alone seemed to take forever.

  2. Had it sat in my backlog way too long. I think itll need to be cracked open soon

    • Ive only played an hour of it, Youles gave me a copy, and will defo play through this now :)

  3. Severely doubt the trophies will be retroactive, don’t think there’s ever been a game that did that. Burnout paradise was meant to but then didnt.

    • Fallout 3 did, I’d been and done most of the required tasks for trophies in that one prior to the trophy patch so only had a couple to get for the platinum. Beyond that I can’t think of any others, though.

  4. Good to hear we’re getting the patch anyway, and I’d rather watch the loading screens (which are educational regarding cigarettes if I recall) than buy another version and/or lose a fair bit of HDD space.

    • I liked the loading screens, if I smoked I’d probably have one whilst pretending to have a one sided conversation with Snake. I don’t smoke, so the best thing about them is that the down time encourages you to have a number two, make a cup of tea, load up on snacks and send a few texts to loved ones reminding them that its okay, you’re still alive, but the world still needs saving so you won’t be available for another couple of days.

      • Lol – yeah, Snake isn’t much of a talker! ;)

      • One hell of a lover though.

  5. Finally! I can hop between chapters without another install! I just hope the trophies automatically update according to your current progress, rather than making you do everything again. Just glad I’ve got about 200Gb free on the HD

    • Oh I’m stupid…didn’t read that right. Oh well! Still cool I guess.

  6. I’ve kept a save just before the credits on my Big Boss Emblem run just for this. However, I might do it for a third time for the hell of it! Would rather redo Big Boss than the Chicken emblem :S

    Anyway, can’t wait! :D

    • You’ve managed to get the Big Boss emblem? Are you a MGS god? :P

      • Hardly! Done it twice due to YLOD. The only really difficult parts are Screaming Mantis and the motorcycle chase. It’s much easier to get the Big Boss emblem on MGS4 than the top accolade on any of the other games due to the unlimited number of saves. MGS3 will be doable for me as I did a stealth/no-kill run but overdid it on saves and watched all the cutscenes. MGS2 will be a bitch solely for the 8-save limit. And no rations for the last 45 minutes :S

  7. Aargh..i was only saying yesterday how i’d like a single install. It would be quite a hefty install and I’ve barely touched GT5 since i hobbled through the beginner events but MGS is something i would return to again and again if it was on my hdd.

  8. Konami & Kojima need to play KillZone 2 + 3 & Uncharted 1 + 2 + 3 & some other PS3 only games & see that it is possible for no long stupid installs in games! ! ! LoL:D
    And those games run & look perfect :P
    + Hmm hopefully there is a way everyone can just install the game once but i don’t know if the older versions could be made to. Oh well i just want the Trophies(hopefully they are not to stupid/hard tho) ;)

    • You do realise that MGS4 was released in 2008 which was the begining of the PS3’s life cycle thus they hadn’t discovered how to avoid forced installs plus MGS4 filled an entire side of a blu ray so the load times would have been awful if they had not implented forced installs.

  9. Although a great game, for me it’ll be just the same as GTA IV, I won’t be tempted to replay the game after a trophy patch release. Completed both games and enjoyed the single playthrough pre-trophy but have no desire to return to them…..even with retroactive enabled trophies!

  10. Snaaaaaaaaaaake.!

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