Community Chronicle: 15/07/12

Welcome back to another edition of the Community Chronicle, where we have a look at what you’ve all be getting up to lately, what you’ve been using to play games on all these years, and what you’ve been saying in the comments over the last week. So, head onwards to find out what’s been going on!

First up: TSA Rigs. We had a couple of game rooms and rigs sent in this week, but I’m going to save those and highlight just one outstanding specimen with a single picture, filled from corner to corner with piles of gaming stuff!

All of this belongs to Heedbaw, and I think it best to hand over to him to explain:

Here we have a late night, hugely messy pile of gaming, and other junk with, cables everywhere. On the left is a shelf full of Nintendos, NES under N64 then SNES and Gamecube, with my PS3 sat underneath. Had to fit the top shelf in just to get my GT5 Championship Driver’s Choice mug, which is sat beside Sackboy.

Under the telly is an ancient 900MHz Pentium, used as a footstool, hiding a pile of mostly Gamecube games and the odd peripheral and handheld. Next to the footstool is a Hi-Fi, which is also plugged into a mixer with another 2 amps attached, for when I can get away with being loud. That hides the PS3 games, which in turn have some N64 carts sat on top.

To the right is a slightly less old 2.6GHz AMD PC I killed while trying to update the BIOS where a few SNES and GBA carts reside, along with Fallout 3 and Mass Effect LE tins.

So much stuff!

If you too would like to show off, or rather send in a photo of a hugely messy pile of gaming junk, then head to the bottom of this page, where you can submit photos and/or tales of your gaming exploits.

Looks like everyone’s always busy playing games and there’s often someone completing something, or getting the Platinum for something else.

Steven’s polished off his run through with Deus Ex: Human Revolution, followed closely by Portal 2, whilst LTG Davey has also been rather busy, finishing Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, and also the first third of his Gears of War series ‘Hardcore’ run. I say run, but I really mean slow stomp.

MadJunkBoy has joined the ranks of people who have finished the HD release of Ratchet & Clank, aiming towards the Platinum. Speaking of which, Youles has been particularly busy on the Platinum front with DiRT 3 and Sniper Elite V2 now on his list, whilst he’s also reached 100% trophies on Awesomenauts and all the Gravity Rush DLC.

Omac_brother emailed in to report that he had overcome his difficulties with racing games to Platinum MotorStorm RC on the Vita. Quite a tricky nut to crack in places, so congratulations! We also have Matthangzhou getting the Platinum trophy for “KOA”, but I have no idea what that game is! A panel of “intelligent tweeters”, which I promise you is not an oxymoron, seem to believe it’s Kingdoms of Amalur, though. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

It has been quite a busy week on the Fastest Platinum leader board, with Whitish-black Fox polishing off his trio of Ratchet & Clank fastest Platinum trophies mere moments after I had submitted last week’s Chronicle. But it didn’t last for very long, since Samiro05 discovered that he had bested Fox’s R&C 1 time, and was only a few hours behind on 2 and 3. Another rather close call!

An-dz also came along and found that he had a record on his trophy board, with the fastest time for Batman: Arkham Asylum. Tony Cawley may have one of the slowest fast times on the board, being the first TSA member to get the Platinum for FIFA 12. A big shout out at this point to CarBoyCam, who provided Tony with plenty of assistance to his trophy hunting. He’s a good egg, is Cam.

Finally, a few minor little anecdotes. Yogdog proudly boasted of having defeated four hard AI players on Supreme Commander, whilst Dan Lee was particularly glad to have staved off depression in order to review “that Resident Evil nonsense” once more, and JamboGT utterly obliterated the competition in this week’s Gran Turismo 5 epic. I made a highlights video for that, by the way.

Let us know in the comments of this article, the What We Played article next week, or use the submission form at the bottom to tell us about trophies and games you’ve finished off, or crazy things you’ve managed to do whilst playing.

Finally, we come to the Comment of the Week, where over the last week Forrest’s statement of TSA’s influence seemed to be a popular with the masses. Maybe we do have that much influence?

Regardless, a quite pat on the back for Forrest and onwards to this week’s poll!

Starting us off this week is TonyCawley, with a delightful accident… He liked his own comment by mistake, and people liked that he couldn’t un-like it. “Un-like”? That sounds wrong. “Dislike” doesn’t fit, though, so it will have to do.

MadBoJangles reckons he can do a better job of being an analyst than Mr. Pachter. Personally, I think he might be right on the money here. Similarly, some of the suggested trophies for MGS4 that Youles and Forrest come up with sound eerily plausible.

InternationalGamers’ assertion that everything with sliding doors is cool gets put to the test, whilst Brillerment expresses what Valve must consider to be the perfect sentiment when looking at the Steam Summer Sale.

Rounding us out, TSBonyman brings out a bit more “hippity hop” from Tuffcub, making yet another appearance.

Time to get voting!

If you spot a comment during the week that you think should be in the poll, just nominate it by hitting the thumbs up button, so it stands out when I’m hunting next week. Until next week, I leave you with the submission form for Rigs and Achievements:

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  1. Had to vote for the comment that I Liked :P
    That is a seriously busy rig right there Heed, loved the footrest….good recycling , but where’s the feckin wheel lol?

    • Yeah, it’s a well cluttered pile of gear. The original image is a bit more detailed, if anyone’s interested in spot the tat:

      As for a wheel, I wish :( Need employment before that’s a prospect.

    • Ah, fair do’s mate. I am surprised though that you race so well without a wheel. To be honest though I usually only set up the DFGT wheel for high powered racing like the modern Le Mans or F1 cars etc., otherwise I’ll just use the DS3 to save wear on the wheel. ;)

  2. Thanks for the trophy mention – I shall hopefully get my rig/collection photo take. Next weekend! I need to get some “props” from the loft! ;)

    • I might send mine in now, just to show how rubbish it is compared to all these. It has an origami figure on the tv stand though!

      • I do quite want to see the origami figure!!

  3. All the rigs we’ve seen so far put mine to shame :P
    I seriously don’t pay attention to the front page either, Ive missed all these comments :s

  4. Wow, 2 mentions in one article, I do feel special.
    Now I had to vote for myself, there was no other way, after “liking” my own comment I had to vote my own comment for the win.

    • I have a feeling this comment might make the cut for next week too. How long can this keep going?

      • If I just keep liking my likes and voting for myself this can perpetuate ad infinitum.

  5. Cheers for the mention Teflon. Yeah it’s Kingdom of Amalur!

    • The accidental use of “panned” rather than “canned” in the forums had me bamboozled. ;)

      • Oops I hadn’t even noticed haha.. Can I blame autocorrect? I don’t think so this time!

  6. i was playing Deus Ex, but i saved as i was exiting a sewer after getting caught trying to break into a cop’s office, and now every cop on the streets wants to kill me, so i haven’t played it for a few days.
    still, i’ve got time, i just renewed my plus sub.

    and i thought i was going to be TSA’s resident analyst, not MadBoJangles.
    will he work for jaffa cakes? O_O

  7. Whoo!

    Comment of the week eh? What do i win?? :D

    • A half arsed strip dance from Elder Mike. Or a brand new half of a biscuit. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, then a copy of getting hit on the head with a baseball bat weekly. ;)

      • I’ll take the Mike striptease – I hear he gyrates like there is no tomorrow. :)

        Thanks to all those that voted & won me an intimite session with Mike!

    • Congrats on the win an enjoy that dance ;D

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