Farming Simulator 2013 Coming To Consoles

Home Interactive have announced that PC hit ‘Farming Simulator’ is to launch on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 early next year.


The PC version of the 2013 game will arrive in October this year and keeps the same gameplay of earlier versions but adds new vehicles and machinery from the world’s top twenty farming firms. There will also be new animals and new crops to harvest and virtual dynamic terrain.

The 2013 version will come with an online option which could be awesome. Co-op shepherding, perhaps? Keep an eye on gamescom where there will be a reveal of “larger farm machinery”.

Having spent my teenage years driving tra’ers round a farm, I’m rather intrigued.

Source: Press Release



  1. Game of the year.

  2. Ive played a wee bit of this game and there is nothing quite like getting your first successful harvest!

  3. can we roll in hay?

  4. Day 1, no joke.

    • Dont you mean “neigh 1”? Like a horse noise? see? See what I did there. Ha!

      • Could also have been ‘Hay 1’.

      • Flat caps off to you sirs, and your punning prowess.

      • Lol – To be fair though, if you had said either of the above instead of ‘Day 1’, people might have thought you were mental.

        Every cloud… :)

  5. One to keep your eyes on.

  6. Hay, I cant wait to “plough” through this.
    On a more serious note, Gonna get this.

  7. Is there a Welsh Edition where we get to push sheep to the edge of the cliff and pop their back legs into our wellies?

    • There is but it’s rated 18 for obvious reasons.

  8. I really hope they have different types of sheep and stuff.

    • I’m sure there will be a Team fortress-style class system for them…

  9. COD and FIFA, move over as we have a new number 1 game! In fact, Call it a day EA and Acti as you have no chance against this monster!

    In all seriousness, i doubt it will sell well due to the average console player liking FPSes and simulator games are not going to sell well. However if it is successful, i can see the other simulators being ported over.(I really hope there is not a dogging simulator).

    • You seem to have added a ‘not’ in your last bracketed sentence by mistake there steve.

      • It’s to prevent Adam from sending me to the naughty room for encouraging a dogging simulator. Barsteward!

  10. “PC hit”?

    really? o_O


    if we’re going to start getting more agricultural themed games, you reckon we’ll we get the Advanced Lawnmower Simulator?

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