iPhone 5 Constructed From Real Parts

These shots of the iPhone 5 are constructed from various parts that have apparently leaked out of Apple’s manufacturing process. It’s not a real phone – it doesn’t actually work – but it does give you some idea of how it might look.

Of course, various rumours and mock-ups have already suggested that the new iPhone might have a longer, more vertical screen (and resolution) but the changes to the dock mean that your existing peripherals might need replacing.


It looks lovely.

The iPhone 5 will launch alongside the latest iOS (version 6) and is expected to be released in the next couple of months – probably September. A new processor is likely, with more RAM almost certain, and no doubt a new flagship game to showcase the new system.

Via iLab.cc.



  1. should they increase the size of the screen and i’m on board!


  3. Not completely convinced about the design (assuming that’s remotely correct) but I hope they’re finally conforming to the charge-cable thing they signed up to a while ago (ie. using micro-usb). I remember a good handful of the mobile manufacturers agreeing on a default standard… finally!

    • The micro-USB thing has a provision to let companies totally cop out by having a little adapter available. There’s one currently available for the existing dock connector, so Apple already “conform”.

  4. if thats an idea of design then wow. Its bloody horrible compared to other competitors out there. Not naming names though…..Samsung….cough.

  5. I like the greyish back of the phone but it looks horrible with the black borders at the top and the bottom.
    I’m just curious if a notification LED will find its way into the front side of the next iPhone. We’re living in 2012. There is no excuse for having to turn on the whole screen or utilize the camera flash to check if there is a missed call or a new message.

    • Yeah, I’m the same. Not a huge fan of the black borders, so I hope they maybe get changed somehow to not look as plasticky. Could just be the way it’s photographed.

      For a notification LED to really be useful it needs to be over an edge of the phone, so that it’s usable with a variety of different case styles.
      Having said that, I quite liked the idea on the HP Touchpad, where the home button had an LED built in for notifications. That was quite clever.

      • You mean like the Nexus S, where the trackball thingy had an built in LED?
        Notification LEDs are common in every phone besides the iPhone and there are cases available for most of them so I think Apple should be able to come up with something. If not, I seriously question their right to be in the phone market.

  6. If it has a bigger screen and they change to micro USB then excellent. Agree with others though, not a fan of the borders on the top/bottom of the case. Quite like the brushed aluminium colour though.

  7. I’ll wait for the iPhone 5S, perfectly happy with my iPhone 4.

  8. Screen needs to be wider as well, one more row of icons and being able to watch 16:9 films aint gonna get my cash

  9. Nice to see Apple have given their design department the last year or so off…

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