Apple’s Own Search Engine Confirms iPhone 5, New iPod Touch, New iPod Nano

Apple’s hosting a press conference in about three hours – but it looks like their big reveal has already spoiled, albeit only slightly.

It has been long rumoured (and confirmed in part by the press invite) that the next phone would be called iPhone 5, but’s own search engine has just locked that down 100%.


Picked up by 9to5mac, searching for “iphone 5” on the site brings a few results, one of which is this page. Try it for yourself.

iphone 5 search results screengrab

The page isn’t yet live, but the clues are in the URL right enough.

The internal search engine also reveals new entries for the iPod Touch and iPod Nano. Nothing yet for the equally anticipated “iPad mini” – but that doesn’t mean it’ll be part of the conference.



  1. iPad Mini if there is one will no doubt require its own spotlight and will in all likelihood be a separate event.

  2. Hope whoever is going to the conference knows how to feign surprise well, now that pretty much EVERYTHING has been revealed…

    • Don’t worry, they’ll be the usual whooping and cheering by the employees, fans & shills.

      It’s all in what new additions to the previously shown off iOS6 are announced and how this new hardware takes advantage of that, unless of course everything has been revealed or leaked and now post-Jobs there are no surprises.

  3. Is it news that Apple are releasing yet another iteration to their various hardware?

    • I’m looking forward to it (as someone who’ll probably upgrade) but this is stretching it as TSA-worthy! :-)

  4. Oh and I’ve just bought a touch, just three weeks ago! Dagnabit ill have to upgrade immediatly.

  5. As an iPhone fan, I honestly think just making the screen longer will be stupid!

    • The aspect ratio change, whilst keeping the 4, 4s & now 5 on the market is a pain in the arse for developers.
      Sure you can have black bars but that’s hardly what people buy into when they buy the expensive to buy/run Apple products want or expect.

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