Apple’s iPhone 5 Event Dated For September 12th

Apple has sent out invitations to select press and bloggers for an event on the 12th of September. It’ll be to announce and showcase the new iPhone 5. Rumours about the iPhone 5 have been more and more common in recent weeks, with many almost certain that the screen is going up to 4 inches and a 16:9 aspect ratio, along with the usual bumps in internal power and a new, smaller dock connection.

The invitation makes it clear that the iPhone 5 is the focus of this event and with stiffer competition than ever from Android hardware manufacturers and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 imminent, it’ll be interesting to see what Apple reply with and how much they lean into the incredibly successful games market on their devices to counteract their competition.


Some are also hoping for the announcement of an iPad Mini at the event but there’s certainly no confirmation of that, we’ll add it to the list right under the flatpanel LCD Apple TV that seems to perpetually haunt the build up to these events.

Of course, Apple’s September event is usually the showcase for its iPod range so we can hope for some developments in that area too. The event begins at 10AM in San Francisco, which is 6PM in the UK.



  1. Will be interesting to see what Apple bring to the table this year. Hopefully a date for iOS6 will be given as well, as at the moment that interests me a lot more than the new phone.

    • About that, did iPhone 4S come with iOS5 or did that release later?

      • I’m pretty sure the 4S came with iOS5 installed from the get go, as the phone was released just two days after IOS5 came out.

  2. “Soon the iPhone 6 rumours can begin.”

    So true, and it will probably turn out to be called something else. Been on Android since March (had two iPhones before that) and it’s a great OS, but I miss iOS and can’t wait to find out when it’s out in my country.

  3. Awesome! Cash ready.

  4. I’ve just got a crack in my iPhone 4’s screen so this is great timing.

    I’ll still probably get it fixed and sell it on, though.

  5. Took me awhile to spot the ‘5’ in the shadow. Quite cool that.

    Phone doesn’t interest me much. As has been said “Galaxy S3 – The most amazing iPhone yet!”

  6. Interested to see what they do with Touch line-up this year after it wasn’t updated in-line with the iPhone 4s last year, I wonder if they’ll receive a 4s style spec leaving it a generation behind the iPhone line… could work out well for production capacity seeing as Apple will carry on selling the 4s in the iPhone5’s shadow so will help they keep chip production up & therefore prices down.

    There’s no way I can fork out for the contracts networks offer the iPhone on, in comparison to other high spec phones.

    • Whilst I can’t really comment. I would imagine Apple don’t make their own IC’s. I would imagine they use some form of FPGA (Xilinx or Altera made ones) which are massively mass produced and used everywhere to keep chip cost down. Or it’s possible they have had some ASIC’s done I suppose. Again I don’t know for a fact but I’d imagine their business is fabless production. ie they design the software and hardware, but get someone else to make it. I know they use Foxconn in China for some production. (where, by the way, the workers are not happy).

  7. Sticking with my iPhone 4 after seeing how lame iOS 6 was.

  8. iPhone 4GS it is then. They busy suing Samsung & everything that uses anything similar to their phone. I lost my interest in apple after that 1 bill they won

    • You lost interest in Apple, so you buy their iPhone 4S?
      Not sure if trolling…

  9. The hour long showcase will consist of over three hundred patents scrolling slowly upwards.

    Okay, okay… I’m really interested too. All smart phones do a damn good job so what’s the differentiator here? The USP?

  10. Having had iPhones and android phones in the past and spending the better half of this year with a Nokia Lumia 800 i gotta say i’m more interested in what Windows and Nokia have planned tomorrow.

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