Dead Space 2 Added to PlayStation Plus

As we predicted yesterday, Dead Space 2 has been announced as PlayStation Plus’ Game of the Month for August. That’s right, until September 5th Isaac Clarke’s second adventure is completely free for Plus subscribers. On top of that, they’re offering 50% off associated DLC for the next two weeks. This includes the ‘Severed’ expansion, as well as three weapon and suit packs. If you fancy the DLC it’s available in the Plus section of the store.


So why should you get Dead Space 2, aside from the fact it’s free? Well Alex gave the game a 9/10 in our review of the game last year, praising its atmosphere and set-pieces. When comparing it to the original he called it “bigger, better and more beautiful but without straying from the core principles that mapped out the former,” although did point out that the fact it’s a sequel means we’ve seen the monsters before, removing some of the scare factor. If user rated games are more your thing, the game was rated as a Buy It when it came up in WeView.

If a free game of the calibre of Dead Space 2 isn’t enough for you, Rock of Ages, the “extra” game confirmed yesterday, is also available for free until the 29th of August. Disappointingly the game isn’t a tie-in to the recent film adaptation of the musical Rock of Ages, but is instead an action-strategy game from Atlus that combines tower defence with the ferocity of rolling boulders. To be honest I don’t know how ferocious the rolling boulders are, rocks not being known for their wild emotional range; they’re probably just your average boulder, albeit one rolling down a hill.

Whilst we haven’t reviewed Rock of Ages, it’s currently sitting on a Metacritic of 71.



  1. and PS+ gets one step closer to getting that £40 out of my wallet for a sub…

    • What’s it going to take?
      I’ll dance for you, I have NO shame.

  2. Any idea what’s the file size?

  3. We also get TWO new full retail games in two weeks to replace Darksiders and Renegade Ops! Hooray! Nice work Rossy

    • Yeah, 2 retail games on 15/8 and a brand new extra PSN game Retro/Grade on 22/8 :D

  4. Ahh my new 650 gb HDD might get a bit mroe use now ;) Although I don’t really like what is happening with the third, Dead Space 1 and 2 are great titles. I might buy 1 tonight and then just go through them.

    • You really should. Dead Space 1+2 are up there with the best games this generation imo.

  5. Glad I have a 1TB hard drive. PS+ just keeps getting better. Well worth the money.

  6. Never liked the second game and got rid after a fewa hours of play. Got the chance to reply for free so lets hope second time sound I can stick it to the end.

    • Me too, might give it another go as it’s free – just so i can confirm that i didn’t like it again ;)

  7. Another reason to make my ISP hate me…


    Must get round to beating Dead Space one of these days…

  8. I bought Dead Space eons ago for less than a tenner. Shamefully it is still in the wrapoer. I’ve been told many times to get it played. Maybe this will be the final incentive I need to give it a go.

  9. Just bought DS2!!!

  10. i was a little disappointed when there was talk it would be Dead Space, as i have it on disc.
    but i’ve only played a little of Dead Space 2 when i borrowed the xbox version so i’m happy that that’s what’s on offer.

    i just have to find enough hard drive space.
    not sure how though. O_O

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