Get The Free Assassin’s Creed III iBook From TheSixthAxis

A few weeks ago, we published a series of articles about the historical setting behind Assassin’s Creed III. We explored the history of events, places and people which should have an impact on how the game plays out when it’s released.

Now, we’ve collected that series into an interactive iBook for iPad owners to download and enjoy in a slightly different way, with some interactivity and different presentation. The book is completely free of charge and has just gone live on the iBooks Store. You can find it by searching the store for “The History Behind Assassin’s Creed III” or following this handy link where you can also leave us a review, if you’re feeling kind.

If you’re not an iPad owner and you’d still like to see what the book looks like, or if you’d just like to read it on your PC or Android tablet, we’ve also made it into a PDF which you can download here. It won’t have the same video or slideshow functions as the iBook version but it should give you the gist.


We’re already working on putting more of our original content into iBooks so if you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.



  1. Great read and very cool. Good jorb, Peter. :)

  2. Nicely put together. With each passing bowel movement I seem to have become more affluent with American history.

  3. Damn not on iPhone! Oh well, PDF file it is then ;)

  4. Excellent! The articles were both absorbing and educational so it’ll be neat having them all together in one handy place.

  5. Couldn’t find it through the Store so I tried the handy link and it told me “your request could not be completed”. :(

    • Weird, the link definitely works and it’s on the store.
      Did you try searching through the iBooks Store, rather than iTunes or AppStore?

      • Just tried them both again, the link and the iBooks store. Same results. :(

      • What’s weirder is that clicking the link from my PC takes me there fine. >:-I

  6. Cool – I did think a lot of work had gone into the recent ACIII historical articals so it’s great you can expand your audience. I hope you get some decent coverage!

    • *articles. I swear my spelling is getting worse.

  7. No iphone support :( Will just have to read them again on TSA :)

  8. Excellent. Will sit nicely alongside the other AC books I’ve got on my iPad. Cheers.

  9. no love for the iphone/touch?
    sad face. :(

    still i’ll take a look at the pdf version.

    on itunes it says there are two more books by Peter Chapman, is that you or another Peter Chapman?
    because there’s already too much talent among the TSA writers for my liking, having a published author might be too much for me to take. o_O


    great idea though, handy for reading on the toilet i’d imagine.
    uhm, not that i’d ever do that, i’m too much of a lady to do something like that. >_>
    well partly, mostly because i don’t have an ipad. ^_^

    as for suggestions for more content, a collection of the Abridged Too Far articles could be good.

    • it’s not possible to export iBooks for the iPhone or iPod Touch, unfortunately. Believe me, I’d love to be able to do it – that install base is HUGE!

      The other books are by a different Peter Chapman, unfortunately. I’ve only ever been published in politics magazines and on the internet :)

      Oh, and we’re already well into working on the first of several Abridged too Far collections in this style :)

  10. A most interesting read. I’m neither American nor English, it does help me understand the historical background to the game. Nice job, thank you guys.

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