Leaked Black Mesa: Source Gameplay Video

Footage, apparently leaked, has emerged of the fabled (and seemingly perpetually in development) Black Mesa: Source, the Source engine reworking of the original Half Life.


There’s some pretty dramatic changes there, and it’s hardly the best level of the game, but – you know what – I’d still play it. Even ports of Half Life games are still Half Life games.




  1. Looks pretty cool to me, very well made with combat-activated music etc.
    Not at all a fan of Half-life games, but I’ll probably give this a try at some point in case I do change my mind.

    • Half Life is amazing! I strongly recommend you give it a second try.

  2. Been waiting for this adaption for a long, long time now.

  3. I know it’s a weird thing to praise when they’ve seemingly managed to remake an entire game, but my god that skybox is pretty.


    This and the news about Source 2, almost to much to handle! :)

  5. looks good, but there’s one feature of Valve’s first person games that’s always bugged me.
    the playable characters all seem to be able to operate any kind of machinery by telekinesis alone.

    it’s not so bad for buttons and levers, but when you see the steering wheel of a vehicle you’re driving turn all by itself, it takes you out of the game a bit.

    and that gun turret in this video, just operating on willpower alone.
    at least i don’t think the character was holding it, it was a bit dark and i couldn’t tell for certain but it looked that way.
    it’s not a game breaker by any means, but it is irritating.

    and for god sake, somebody teach valve how to do streaming.

    and get a bloody move on with the next half life game. >_<

  6. Iron sights! Hurrah!!!!

  7. Something about that makes me feel like it’s Half Life with MODs and HD textures. I maybe completely wrong but it just didn’t convince me other wise.

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