Black Mesa Screenshots Released

The Black Mesa devs have just released the first batch of gameplay screenshots for Black Mesa, a remake/re-imagining  of Valve’s Half Life in the Source engine. The images were released after the team’s Facebook page hit 20,000 likes.

The project actually began as two different projects by different teams, who soon realised they were both trying to create the same thing. The teams joined together to develop Black Mesa, originally titled Black Mesa Source. The Source part of the name was eventually dropped after Valve requested the team to do so.


The team says that “This is just the beginning. We have more in store for you in the near future.”

Source: Facebook 



  1. OH SNAP! Wanna play it so badly,, they been such a tease, but just like Valve, all is forgiven, if they release this year, which they will… off course.

    • Make sure you watch the images on FB, they are bigger there.

  2. Yay! Been waiting for this for AGES.

    • Not as long as I’ve been waiting for Ricochet: Source, but nearly as long!

  3. Looks incredible. Never really enjoyed Half-life games, but it still looks incredible…

  4. Looks like it could be good, but they’re getting into “too long in development territory.” The longer they spend, the harder it is to keep up with the technology.

  5. Bfhwagagdghwwj. Sorry, wiping off my keyboard :3 Looks great can’t wait!

  6. Right in the childhood!

    That’s the Half-Life I knew and loved. Can’t wait for that, looks awesome.

  7. I never played Half-Life so I’m not really bothered by this but why is it happening? Doesn’t every one want Half-Life 3 not a re-make?

    • It’s a fan-made thing, not Valve.

      Also: no excuse not to play Half-life, it’s better than 99% of the current FPS shite.

      • Amen.

      • I’ve never finished the first one (bad timing) though completed the episodes thus far for V2. Just had a quick look on Steam, apparently part 3 is still a bit away.

        Spotted this though – CUBE, a Portal mod, looks interesting!

      • My apologies, it’s a mod for HL2: Ep 2 – based on the fantastic Cube films.

      • Ohh, I thought it might of been fan made but there was no evidence of that to me in the article. I played one for a little bit when it came out and just didn’t like it. But I don’t think I got past the first level.

  8. It’s never, ever coming out.

    • I can’t help but agree

    • I do hope you’re wrong on this one but sadly suspect not.

    • Do you really think they would release screenshots at this point in time if they were not going to finish it? Of course it’s coming out. Visit the forums and you’ll see they are working on it.

      • I read that as Half-Life 3 is never, ever coming out – which I’d be tempted to agree with. (The comments after altered the spacing.) Ep 3 is very much under development (see the comments on Steam) but I don’t think we’ll ever see Half-Life 3 – there’s too much else in the offing & (rare) episodical updates to 2 are much more likely to keep rolling…

  9. I think this is the 3rd batch of first screen shots they have released, I remember the first ones back in 2006 I think.

  10. Looks cool. This makes me want to replay all the original Half Life games and HL2.

    • Sounds like a plan. Awesome games. though I did get a bug in OpFor that meant the BFG type gun would only ever fire north , no matter my orientation. Led to some interesting tactical challenges, trying to work my way to the south of firefights.

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