Incredibly, Black Mesa Source, The Half Life Remake, Is Now Available

Black Mesa – the complete remake of Half Life using the Source engine, is now – finally – available to download and play.


Playable up until Lambda Core (arguably a good place to stop) Black Mesa represents years of hard work and dedication from a small team, an amazing achievement given the scale of the project.

It looks better, for sure, and although it plays a little differently it’s absolutely worth picking up if you’ve got a half decent PC and love the Half Life universe.

Get it from here.



  1. Aw man, that looks great, i love the Half Life universe but sadly have not got a pc to play this. Those that do should be in for a treat by the looks of it.

  2. Cheers, Al. Downloading now. Bit slow but I guess that’s most of the world trying to take a gander at Kate’s norks.

    • Wow. Interesting to see how frustrating it is to try a mirror and see if it works…. then wait 30 seconds whilst in a queue… then wait some more to see if it even starts!

      Ah, Steam. You are wonderful. Usually paid for, but wonderful.

      • I’d recommend doing a Google search of Black Mesa torrents within the past 24 hours (to avoid old alpha versions), I’m getting some cracking speeds. This is a one off when torrents are both very useful and most importantly, entirely legal!

  3. IT’S SO GOOD! They nailed, they totally nailed it. 8 years of waiting payed off! :)

  4. Woohoo! And good advice with the bit torrent solution, thanks for that. Does anyone know if/when it’ll be on Steam?

  5. Awesome………..

  6. I think Goldeneye: Source deserves a bit of publicity on this site, since a Half Life remake got it.

  7. I hope they are happy as i’m going to have to eat a hat then a suit and have the shoes for dessert as it’s now out. :p Wonder if Valve will end up hiring the guys behind this as i know they tend to hire mod developers if they are impressed by their work?

    Suspect Greg will include it in cheap pc gaming as i can’t see Peter allowing a review of a mod. Or he may just write up his impression of it. :)

  8. It really is great, the additions make it feel like a great remake, but also a completely different experience.

  9. It’s amazing what people can do with the tools available today

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