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Though there are a handful of vanilla characters to boot, the bulk of WoH’s ever-growing roster consists of heroes that have a unique feel to them, mainly due to purposefully-altered stats and quirks. One such character is the Black Orc behemoth, Bax Dreadtoof, another fairly easy-to-use hero that is favored for his propensity to soak up huge amounts of damage whilst incapacitating surrounding enemies.

However potent he may be, Bax will often be called out as a double-edged sword. Though still fairly powerful straight out of the gate, to get the most out of the greenskin warrior, players will have to continually whet their blade on the hides of incoming enemies. You see, every time Bax lashes out with either his base attack or damage or third ability, he gains one “stack” of Clobberin. Maxing out at 10 stacks this buff amplifies his base damage output by twice the amount or, when using Bax’s fourth abilities, sixfold.

If you find yourself stranded without someone’s face to warm your axe on then, eventually, Bax will lose his Clobberin stacks. In other words he loses his edge.



[1] Clobber

  • Cooldown:
  • Range: 5ft
  • Base Damage: 25
  • Effect:
  • Duration:

Ability number one isn’t much of a stunner clocking in at 25 damage, nor does it emit any sort of debuff to the recipient. With that said, after five stacks Clobber nudges its way into “average” damage territory, ten stacks pumping that figure up to a remarkable 50.

[2] Where You Goin’?

  • Cooldown: 5s
  • Range: Self
  • Base Damage: –
  • Effect: Sprint
  • Duration: 3s

Again, another simplistic ability, although one that doesn’t benefit from Clobberin’ stacks. With a duration of three seconds, Where You Goin’ doesn’t pack as much oomph than the sprint abilities available to Drulg or Nethyss. It doesn’t offer any additional perks either, though this is something you’ll come to accept. Bax may be sandwiched between the finest hides and forged armour the Warhammer world has to offer, but his lethality also makes him stick out like a sore thumb. Therefore a sprint ability, no matter how short, is near-essential in breaking away from combat when things are just a bit too heavy. The five-second cooldown also comes in hands when hunting down stragglers.

[3] Yer Nothin’

  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: 5ft
  • Base Damage: 25
  • Effect: Moderate Damage Debuff (single target)
  • Duration: 6s

The only other ability that yields a stack of Clobberin’ with each use, Yer Nothin’ is possibly Bax’s most overlooked active out of the five (at least in terms of team-play). Mirroring the damage output of his base attack, it will eventually pick up, middling at 35-37 before topping at 50. In comparison to other heroes this still isn’t much, in fact it’s less than half in a lot of cases, but damage isn’t important here. Landing this ability minimizes the lethality of a single target over an impressive six-second period though, with added timing, can become even more effective. If delivered just before an enemy unleashes a high-damage attack, not only will it protect the intended target(s), it will also mean that your attacker will have to wait for the ability to cool down.

[4] I’m Da Biggest!

  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: 5ft
  • Base Damage: 55
  • Effect: Absorbs Health
  • Duration:

When it comes to any hero, it’s often assumed that their fifth ability is their most powerful. However, what may be true for most isn’t for this green-skinned powerhouse. Without any stacks, Down Ya Go is the strongest active power available, but after 10, I’m Da Biggest boots it to second place with a staggering output of over 300 damage. Not only that, this ability also replenishes Bax’s hit points by 69-190 (approx.) thereby keeping him at the centre of the action.

[5] Down Ya Go!

  • Cooldown: 30s
  • Range: 5ft
  • Base Damage: 115
  • Effect: Knockdown
  • Duration: 4s

With a thirty-second cooldown Down Ya Go can be used for a swift 115-230 damage (depending on stacks) raw attack, though clever players will often choose to ration it. Knockdown isn’t an ability exclusive to Bax, but it’s easily one of the best offensive effects to have at hand. Enemies that are knocked down are often whaled on by surrounding opponents; an effective tactic, especially if that target happens to be carrying an objective.

[Alternative 3] Yer All Nothin’

  • Cooldown: 10s
  • Range: Self
  • Base Damage: 16
  • Effect: Area Damage Debuff
  • Duration: 3s

It may put a dent in Bax’s overall damage output, but when it comes to staying in the fight, Yer All Nothin’ is fairly invaluable substitute for his primary third ability. Considerably dampening the damage potential of all surrounding attackers will keep the heat off your team for three seconds, saving stragglers from imminent death and demoralising your opponents as their attacks glance off allies. If you’re always in the centre of the fight then the substitution is one that certainly pays off. However, if you think yourself a bit of a skirmisher, there are other masteries that will better suit you.

[Alternative 5] Down Goes Everyone!

  • Cooldown: 30s
  • Range: Self
  • Base Damage: 67
  • Effect: Area Knockdown
  • Duration: 2s

Reiterating my last point, this ability is one that should only be used by those who linger in the thick of combat. 2 seconds Knockdown doesn’t really have the potential to turn the tables on your opponent, though can help your team’s attempt to flee combat or to simple administer the finishing blow.

[Passive] Bolstered

Bax receives an additional 50 hit points for every Greenskin team member. At present this includes Bax as well as Glowgob.

[Passive] Clobberin’

Each time players use Bax’s [1] or [3] they gain one “stack” of Clobberin’. With each stack comes a damage bonus to all of his abilities, also increasing the health absorbed from I’m Da Biggest! Clobberin’ last for 20 seconds, after which Bax visibly reduces in size and his abilities are weakened to their default state.


  • Yer All Nothin: (See above) replaces Yer Nothin’
  • Down Goes Everyone: (See above) replaces Down Ya Go!
  • An’ Stay Down: Down Ya Go’s knockdown lasts for an additional 2 seconds.
  • An’ On An’ On: Clobberin’s duration lasts and extra 10 seconds (from 20 to 30).
  • I’m Da Toughest: I’m Da Biggest absorbs 20% more health.
  • Warped Flesh: Increases armour by 10%
  • Unholy Ward: 10 kill streak: creates an area in which all enemies are snared and suffer 15 repeated damage over 10 seconds.
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