Activision Say Black Ops Vita Will Be A Proper Call Of Duty Game

Last time we were writing about Call of Duty: Black Ops: Declassified we were trying to establish who was actually making it – educated guesses abound, but we’ve still not really had any details through on the game apart from a brief synopsis and a box-art.

That’s all about to change, as the game – a portable version of something to do with Black Ops – will be on show next week at gamescom in Germany. We’ve got some hands on time with the game scheduled but we’re also expecting it to feature in Sony’s press conference.


Activision, at least, are happy to claim that it’s going to stay true to the main console versions. The publisher’s European vice president Michael Sportouch says that it’ll offer up “a true Call of Duty experience” and Activision is “really excited about the opportunities that the Vita could offer us in terms of connecting with a new audience.”

Whether that’s all PR talk or not we’ll have to wait and see, but hopes are high that this will play to the Vita’s strengths and not just try to emulate the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. Something bite-sized like Unit 13 would suit me just fine, but I presume it’ll be first person.

The quote’s from this week’s MCV magazine.



  1. The multiplayer better be exactly the same as console versions.

    • I don’t think it will be, I think it’ll be dramatically different. Didn’t they say they were going to play to Vita’s strengths?

      Think Resistance.

      • I just hope this wont require NAT type 2 or better, as my Vita is stuck at 3. I got my PS3 from type 3 to 2 by editing router settings, but the Vita wouldn’t play ball.

      • Resistance multiplayer didn’t really play to the Vita’s strengths, it just took the regular multiplayer of the main games in the series, removed many gameplay options, lowered the player-count and called it a day. It’s a pretty crappy way of doing portable multiplayer, definitely slaps portable gamers in the face. I’d much rather have the same gameplay of the console version than some dumbed-down version with touch controls thrown in for good measure. Handheld gamers shouldn’t be considered second-class citizens.

  2. All I want is a smooth, controllable experience with some sort of story, since Unit 13 lacked much of an interesting one. Online multiplayer for 16 people would be very nice, and it’s possible since MOH on the PSP had up to 32 players per match!

    • Heh, forget that, I want 64 players at once. ;w;

      I’m teasing, but I definitely don’t want a repeat of Resistance with 8 or less players being the maximum. More than anything else I want a survival mode and some good co-op, though, survival would keep me busy for months if implemented correctly and co-op’s one of the only reasons I play Call of Duty(usually at a friend’s house and on his 360). I mean, if it doesn’t include any co-op, doesn’t have a survival mode and isn’t anywhere near as good as the console versions I can just not purchase the game. Wouldn’t hurt me, but would be a bit of a disappointment. I bought my Vita wanting two things more than anything else: a great FPS title on the go and Dungeon Defenders. DD for Vita was cancelled and so far the FPS options on the Vita are depressing. I won’t be disappointed in my Vita or anything(far from it), but it’ll be an opportunity wasted.

  3. For once Im looking forward to a Call Of Duty game, hoping this one is well developed until the PS3 versions.

    • Unlike*

    • Hopefully it should be as its being built specifically for the Vita BlOps 1 was an appalling port which was laggy as hell, ran at below 30fps and the guns sounded like toys you’d by a small child

  4. I’m pretty tempted to get this depending on its pricing. Seeing as though there’s no Battlefield Vita. Although, I think the fast-paced CoD action will suit the handheld well. I’m also looking forward to multiplayer information.

  5. While I don’t like the pace of CoD (faster than more realistic shooters, but not as fast as more fun games such as Borderlands and Unreal Tournament), I’m looking forward to picking this up.

    FPS is not my favourite genre, but every console feels as though it needs at least one good one, and apparently Resistance just doesn’t stack up.

  6. It’ll be a proper COD game, so they’ve announced it will be short, heavily reliant on multiplayer and will have a ton of overpriced map packs.

    Sadly, I’ll still probably get it, if only to give me something else to play on my Vita, price dependant of course.

  7. Just give me zombies and i’ll buy it!

  8. I wonder if they will do a half arsed job with it? As i’ve heard that Blops 1 on the PS3 runs worse then a Bugthesda game. :O I would be surprised if it wasn’t a proper COD as it would only annoy the fans and doom it.

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