CryEngine 3 Trailer Shows What PS4 Might Be Capable Of

This new trailer, designed to show off the hugely impressive graphics that CryEngine 3 is capable of, hints at the sort of visuals we can expect from next generation consoles like the PlayStation 4.


It’s quite amazing, the lighting especially good and the ending, with the helicopter, is stunning. All this is real time, apparently, and taken from Crysis 3.

If the PS4 can get anywhere near this, we’ll be more than happy.



  1. Impressive indeed but heres hoping it plays much better than the CryEngine2.

    Man demonstrating Crysis2: And look at these stunning vistas and lighting effects. How awesome does this look?!
    Gamer: Yeah I guess but the actual game plays like arse…
    Man demonstrating Crysis2: Pah, gameplay is so last gen! Pretty pictures are all that matter these days.

  2. I hope they’ve patented that ‘Tessellated toad tech’.
    Now if only they could make a compelling game…

  3. impressive, BUT….I remember Crysis 2 graphics looking spectacular and that never happened, on the PS3 anyway.

    Also noticed it says F2P on all gens?

  4. Looks great!
    Quite enjoyed Crysis 2 on the 360, especially the challenge of completing it on hard and actually engaging in combat rather than sneaking my way through. Also have to say the PS3 version seemed to look on par if not a smidge better to be honest.
    I really hope the consoles can bang out those kind of visuals, PC gaming is doing my head in right now – too much faff to get a game going!
    Come on next gen!!!

  5. That’s easily the most impressive toad I’ve ever seen in a game.

  6. Impressive, I looks like some of the games I have on my PC now. So why should I buy an PS4 … again? Yes, now I remember, since graphics are not that important to me, otherwise I would be playing on my pc all the time, which I don’t. Real games never look like techdemos anyway. I gues the cost of developing a game for this game engine will be tripple of what it is today. Hmmm, this would make sense business wise ….

    I am curious which company will keep developing for this plattform to serve the HUGE install base of PS3 that we have today. With the recession that will be with us the next 5 to 10 years, I think people will be prioritizing diferent when the push comes to shovel.

    • sorry I’m a bit confused as to what your point it? Do you mean people wont buy the PS4 because of the recession etc? I do agree with you, but then, there are lots of people still buying house tech, then claiming they have no money.

      • If graphics were that important more people would play on pc’s. My point is that the graphics are not that important any more compared to what it used to be. It is the other things that attract people to consoles, like the type of games (there are no beat-em-up games on the pc, think Tekken), easy to use (starting a game, connecting a device), and social gaming (like play buzz with 8 people in your living room etc.) I think there is plenty of juice left in the current generation of consoles. It could be an age thing , but I can’t be bothered with new consoles, Iphones, ever other year.

        With regards to the recession, I think this will be the big one in my lifetime, and the time of easy money is gone. That said, most consumer won’t be able to afford a new entertainment stuff every 4th year.

    • What games are you playing on your PC that look like this? Also, keep in mind the sales they have with the consoles.

      There is no way the dev cost will be triple. Maybe a bit of a ramp up but nothing serious.

  7. PS4? It says PS3 at the end of the trailer so i will expect even better visuals for ps4 ;)

  8. I doubt a game will look like that on a PC (due to Crytek seemingly abandoning PC not hardware restrictions in order to cash in the console market) let alone the next gen consoles.

  9. Good graphics are always nice but they shouldn’t be the focal point of a game. I always feel thats the case with Crysis. Whats the point of good graphics if the content being represented is poor? Its like watching Jeremy kyle in HD.

    Having said that, if PS4 games can reach those heights when its released and consistently maintain high quality quality graphics then its great. Imagine new games for series like GTA, Fallout, Elder Scrolls, MGS, Battlefield and Uncharted? They will increase the realism until it becomes compareable to film. Then I think gaming will have reached its potential and will probably just become even more of a norm of society than it already is.

    • If you played the first Crysis they have a perfect balance of both Graphics and content. Crysis 2 was a piss poor job.

      • I disagee, I didn’t like either. This is ofcourse, just my own opinion.

      • I never played Crysis (which i must) but thouroughly enjoyed Crysis 2, in fact i loved it and the multiplayer.

        Maybe the reason i enjoyed it so much was because i didn’t have Crysis to compare it to, idk i thought Crytek did a great job on Crysis 2.

    • Can’t really show off a tech demo for gameplay, right? ;)

    • Fascinating video on BBC website had a chap showing school children a Commodore 64. It’s thirty years old this year. The interesting bit was when one pupil said “obviously the graphics are very different these days but the game is pretty much the same” and that was it. Most games haven’t really moved on in how they’re delivered or dealt with (especially with narrative/story) and we’re still hammering genres instead of the story itself. I know why but it makes for clichéd next-gen titillation as you always know what’s going to happen – “LOOK… WHIZZ-BANG GRAPHICS!” (with the same old game underneath).

      • Only a few companies seem to take thought in the story. A lot of games feel mashed together, they don’t always follow well and they certainly don’t captivate the audience. I think alot could be learnt from books in the gaming genre. I read books alot (its World War Z at the moment) and they take you somewhere gaming simply doesn’t at the moment. I feel graphics aren’t the only reason for this, far from it. Infact, MGS and Oddworld were the first games that really captivated me. I was young and really loved these games, I seemed to get so much more out of them than any TV Show. Gaming can be a fantastic source of entertainment but it can’t just rely on graphics to do this. The input needs to be more than that, Journey is a recent example of what I mean.

      • A lot of games are rushed in their development. How can one expect a new good and exciting game with only 2 years of development time. 3 to 4 year would benefict games I think.

  10. Ohmywow! That’s an obscene amount of detail!!

    Those graphics + a move sharpshooter + the Odious Rift = GeekGasm!

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