Three More PlayStation All-Stars Are Put Under The Spotlight

Big character reveals have been a staple in the lead-up to SuperBot’s PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale and now, thanks to the PS Blog’s Sid Shuman and game director Omar Kendall, fans can get an in-depth look at these gaming icons.


The latest batch of strategic video spotlights have featured Twisted Metal’s Sweet Tooth alongside Fat Princess and Sly Cooper. Appearances aside, there are a variety of accompanying elements for each character, stripped from the video games they originally feature in. Where Fat Princess relies on her following of militant villages, Sweet Tooth employs fiery projectiles, a chainsaw and his emblematic ice cream truck. A little more unconventional than the two previous cast members Sly is unable to block, and a result, uses invisibility to sneak up on his opponents before unleashing his powerful combos.

Billed for late October, PS All-Stars Battle Royale is currently undergoing beta. Invites will slowly trickle out and will eventually be accessible by Playstation Plus members then, after a short while, everyone.

Source: Official PlayStation Blog



  1. Can’t wait for the beta! Although I’m kinda stuck to buy it, since the Vita version is £30 but the PS3 one is £40. But then you can’t do local multiplayer on Vita (the reason I’m interested), so I’m forced to pay £10 for the same game :(

    • save up for both lol. I guess the PS3 one will get cheaper but

  2. Cannot wait for this! My son is getting to the age now where the DS is going out the window and Playstation is going to be his next stop. What better way to introduce him to the rich a vast Playstation characters and stories than to have them all kick the crap out of each other!

    • I bet they don’t feel the same when you don’t know shit about them

      • He loves watching me play MGS, God of War and is really into Uncharted, to the point where he asked me to put the theme tune on his MP3 player. He may not appreciate the characters as much as myself – but it is a great way to introduce them.

      • I don’t understand this point (which a lot of people are making). I mean, my first ever console was a NES and i stayed with Nintendo consoles up until PS2. I had GameBoy, Gameboy Colour, Gameboy advance, N64…I had tons of Nintendo consoles. And yet, half of the people in Smash Brothers, i have never heard of.

        Not that it’s a BAD thing. Nintendo put the ice pickers, Pit etc in there, and it helped to give those characters more exposure. Who can honestly say they had heard of all of the characters in Smash before playing it?

  3. got this on preorder looking good.

  4. “Fat Princess relies on her following of militant villages”.

    Shouldn’t that be villagers? Although having said that I guess it would be pretty painful getting a village thrown at you.

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