Leaked Next-Gen Xbox Appears On eBay

Looks like SuperDaE, the guy that’s been leaking information and images on what’s apparently a next-generation Xbox development kit, has shoved the said hardware (and software) onto auction site eBay, presuming ending their role as source of future leaks.

The unit is labelled as a “Microsoft XBOX Durango Development Kit” and apparently comes with all the required cables. You can check out the action here.


At the time of writing there are six days remaining, the current bit being just over $5,000.

If this is real, Microsoft will want this back under their control. If it’s fake, well, we’ll know soon enough whether all these stories and images (including what appears to be a demonstration of Kinect 2) were worth all the headlines.

Via Twitter.



  1. hmmm… gotta hope it’s genuine if only to put a wrinkle or two in Microsoft’s day

  2. almost certainly a fake, no description and a stock photo.

    • Just because the background is cut out doesn’t mean it’s a stock photo! Although I’m skeptical, too.

  3. i bet there are a few game sites bidding on this in case it is real, i bet they’d love a scoop like that.

    though i have my doubts.
    and that’s an awful lot of money to pay a first time seller on ebay.

    if it is real though, i would imagine anybody who’s got legitimate access to one of these would have signed some sort of NDA, and i’d imagine selling the thing on ebay is a violation.

  4. Looks like a fake listing to me. Brand new user, No feedback, No description, and a photo that looks like somebody has photoshoped of a website (look at the feet, really jagged edged).
    I wouldn’t place a bid of $1 on that. I just hope the Nigerian prince I lent money too doesn’t fall for this scam, or I’ll never see my money again :(

  5. A zero feedback seller? Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole haha.
    The bids are up to $10,000ish, I wonder if people are bidding to take the piss and have no intention of paying that silly money for what might turn out to be a fake?

  6. It’s not surprising really the seller has no feedback, even if it was genuine. Likelihood of getting banned is high because of NDA as Hazelam says. Might not want to risk their real account.

    But real or not, I can’t afford it :P

  7. Fake. It has to be. If the leaks are accurate and if this is real then whoever it is will get caught eventually, and they’d be blacklisted in the industry. Plus, a no rating seller with such a piece of kit screams scam.

  8. Just wait another year and get it for less than $400!

  9. It’s a fake as MS would have caught on by now and would have gotten it removed. Plus the new seller is a bit dodgy. I mean, no feedback, no description and no photo, yet he wants you to hand over 5grand for a box.

  10. It just looks like a desk top to me, also its up to almost 15,000 right now.
    Someones going to get a very raw deal soon it seems.

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