Killzone: Mercenary Unveiled for Vita

We’ve known for a while that Killzone was coming to Vita but Sony has just run an official trailer for the game at their show in Cologne. As should be obvious, it’s based around mercenaries, rather than taking sides in the Helghan conflict.

Early footage looks quite good, although there was an awful lot of on-screen prompting for touchscreen controls. Certainly nice to see that universe on a Vita screen though, and we were promised more information in the coming months as the hype train really begins to ramp up for its release.

Also of interest was a hinted payment system, with some on screen indicators that showed credits flying off enemies as you dispatched them. I imagine there’s some really cool Near implementation and leaderboard action that could go along with that but it’s probably not wise to guess at too much!



  1. Sound slime good stuff! Although I still wanna be able to play Killzone Liberation on my Vita…. :-(

  2. This looked kinda cool, although both this and COD sound like Unit 13.

  3. this looked really good!

  4. As good as this looked, surely not every FPS/TPS game has to be short ‘Spec Ops’ style levels. I would like to see some fully fledged campaigns like Resistance Burning Skies as well as these style games. However it is Killzone and I love the franchise so I’m looking forward to seeing more.

  5. This looks great! I love Killzone but am not disappointed in the direction this spin off is taking as it seems to be a “The Club” kinda game in the KZ universe. Keep it fast and fun on the Vita so I can complete a level before having to wipe my *rse!
    That being said – would also like Liberation on Vita and a full KZ campaign on the handheld for when the missus takes over the TV.
    Visuals look very impressive too.

  6. Really liked the reveal trailer but more importantly i loved how gamescom shined the light on the Vita and announced some great looking titles.

  7. I’m all for discreet touch-controls in a FPS, but those don’t look that discreet … I don’t mind them using the Vita’s features to re-jig some of the controls from the PS3 Dualshock controls but i’m not so keen when it’s something that’s just added because the Vita has a touch screen. Let me clarify, i’m not keen on the notion of interrupting my ‘core’ FPS gaming with an ‘iOs’ mini game. But who knows… it might be ok.. i guess i’ll wait and see. :)

    • It’ll be like Uncharted I think.

      • Maybe so, i didn’t mind it so much in Golden Abyss but i just hanker for a less gimmicky approach, i’m sure it’ll be fine.

  8. Having rewatched the trailer, this looks a lot better than BLOPS:D. Also however they made that real life Helghast outfit, I want one!

  9. My fave fps and multiplayer. Still have thrillzone for psp.. bet this rocks…

  10. May just sell the Vita to me this game. Still holding out hope for a Killzone games in which you defend against the ISA.

    • According to the PS blog “for the first time in a Killzone campaign, you’ll be fighting alongside Helghast forces.” I would guess though that the game isn’t set during the ISA invasion of Helghan.

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