Seven Minutes Of “Remember Me” Gameplay From Capcom

Out of nowhere, Capcom’s Remember Me is looking like being a real hit – this chunk of PS3 gameplay showing a lot of the mechanics than the reveal trailer did.


Remember Me was previously PS3 exclusive, so it’s good to see it running nicely on Sony’s console.



  1. So gonna looking forward to this one! It looks fantastic!

  2. Always nice to see a female protagonist. Game looks good too :P

  3. now that i like the look of.
    i wonder how much choice you’ll be given in how you accomplish the missions.

    there’s potential for a very interesting story here, i imagine that while Nilin is recovering her memories we’re going to be finding out a lot about her history.

    and yes, it’s great to see a female protagonist not being there just for titillation.
    or just a love interest.

  4. I’m sold, this looks fenomenal!

  5. Unique premise and great visual design. I’m watching out for this.

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